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3 Tips for Teeth Whitening at Your Clearwater Dentist’s Office


Teeth whitening is a big deal to patients, and it’s understandable.  Whiter teeth can brighten your smile and even take a few years off of your face.

“There are things people can do at home for whiter teeth,” says Clearwater dentist, Dr. M. Bradley Jergins. “But if you want professional results that last, please come see us here at ClearWhite Dental.”

In the meantime, here are:

3 Tips for Teeth Whitening

1. Say Cheese!  Yes, cheese can actually help your teeth get whiter and stronger.  Say, calcium, anyone?

2.  Chew on it!  Xylitol found in sugar-free gums keeps your saliva flowing, helping teeth whitening fight off dulling bacteria.

3.  Say no to lemon and baking soda.  These home, DIY teeth whitening ideas might sound good, but they can damage your teeth.  Lemon’s acidity can actually damage your tooth enamel, and baking soda’s abrasive nature can damage your gums.

So our final word of advice on how to get whiter teeth, is to visit Dr. Jergins at ClearWhite Dental.  We’ll take good care of you and your teeth!