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5 Questions to Ask a Dentist

These 5 questions to ask a dentist  will help you make a good choice for your dental care.

5 Questions to Ask a Dentist When You’re Choosing a Dentist

These questions can be asked by phone, or even by a visit to the dentist office before you make an appointment.


questions to ask a dentist

Clearwater FL dentist, Dr. Jergins, shares 5 Questions to Ask a Dentist.

1. What’s your website address? Though this may seem like an odd first question to ask a dentist, you’ll actually glean a lot of information by visiting the dentist’s site. Most sites have an about section where you can learn about the dentist’s education and personal interests. You’ll also be able to learn about his hours and what insurance he takes.

2. What will the first appointment entail? “Some dentists do only an exam the first time you visit, others do an exam and x-rays,” says Dr. Jergins of Clearwater dental office, ClearWhite Dental. “You can also usually schedule a cleaning for the first office visit.”

You’ll also want to ask how long the first appointment will last, so you can make plans accordingly.

3. Do you see all ages of patients? Find out if the dentist sees a variety of ages, so that you can cut down on dental time by having your entire family see one dentist.”I really enjoy seeing patients of all ages,” says family dentist, Dr. Jergins. “I think seeing a range also makes our office a great place to visit, as we can have a grandmother, her child, and the grandchild all here at once.”

4. What other services do you offer? Before you head to a specialist, ask the dentist what types of dental work she does. Many dentist do fillings, root canals, and cosmetic dentistry. “We try to meet our patients’ needs,” says Dr. Jergins. “We are staffed and well experienced in crowns, extractions, and dentures — whatever our patients require. And if we can’t meet your needs, we’ll send you to a top notch specialist who can.”

5. What forms of payment do you accept? Most dental offices accept cash, checks, and credit. Many will even help you secure instant credit to pay for a needed procedure. Be ready with your payment, because just like you wouldn’t expect your grocer to let you take your food home and pay later, you don’t want to have to leave your teeth behind while you go get payment for your dentist… we’re kidding about that, of course! But be prepared by asking your dentist about payment options.

So the next time your choosing a dentist, use these 5 questions to ask a dentist, to help you find the dentist just right for you.

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