It’s Always A Time for Giving in St. Pete!

It is the time of year when all Americans regardless of faith reflect upon the many blessings this great nation offers and the things we are thankful for. For many of us, and especially for Creating Smiles Dental, it is the right time of year to take the opportunity to give back in various forms. Creating Smiles focuses its efforts primarily on two charities, one national, and one local, to bring charity and hope to the country and try to make the world a better place.

To stay true to our commitment to good oral hygiene, we decided many years ago to champion the Oral Cancer Foundation’s cause. Sadly, a whopping 45,750 people in the US were newly diagnosed with oral cancer in 2015, and there has been an increase in the rate of diagnosis over the last decade. If detected early, this disease has a survival rate between 80 and 90%, but unfortunately, most cases are discovered in late stages and have a death rate of about 43% within five years. It is no wonder that research monies for this non-profit continue to give hope and create innovative strategies for battling cancer and discovering preemptive plans of attack to curb the high numbers.

Locally, we are proud to stand behind the Family Promise of Pinellas County. This organization is committed to helping “homeless and low income families achieve sustainable independence.” We cherish the opportunity to work with this organization because we see the immediate and tangible effects of our effort. Helping someone that is down on their luck regain a sense of pride and self-worth by extending a helping hand is an opportunity for which we are very grateful. Sometimes all a person needs is a second chance, and in conjunction with her church, Dr. Brayer will be cooking dinner for 50 people as they host a Family Promise supper. Every member of our team is committed to pitching in to help; we thank all of our staff for their efforts, in particular this story that illustrates the dedication to sharing hope and raising money and opportunities for the local homeless.

Please consider joining us this year in St. Pete as we support either of these excellent organizations. A small donation goes a long way, and a few hours of your time can be invaluable and even life changing for some of the less fortunate in our community.