2020 Recap for Creating Smiles Dental

Creating Smiles Dental 2020 family photo

2020 in Review

Our 2020 started with an office cruise then Dr. Brayer's surprise rooftop birthday party, both in January. We felt the love in February then March brought uncertainty. While we were only open for emergencies from St. Patrick's Day to Cinco de Mayo, we made the most of it. We watched a lot of webinars, learned about Covid-19 and how to bump up our infection control systems, sent in short clips to make group TikToks for some team building then bounced back. Our mantra has been to work hard and play hard but this year, together we played hard THEN worked hard. Oh it felt so good to be back even though it was a new normal. We were apprehensive of how we would be able to handle the extra protocols and PPE, but transitioned well since we were already doing more than was regulated. We adapted. You appreciated the changes. We're thriving and are so thankful for our team and for our patients. Now the year is ending with more healthy smiles in our community because of your trust and support. Thank you. 

Instead of our normal holiday party where our staff members are invited to bring their significant others and even their children somewhere fun, we opted to instead stay late at work one Friday and order something more fancy than pizza for our monthly office training. We took turns recording staff videos, changed into our street clothes/festive sweaters, ate Gigi's Italian outside, then came in to the most thoughtful secret santa gift exchange to date. Our staff really is like family. 

Some other highlights of the year: 

Thank you for being a part of our dental family. We look forward to making many more highlights with you in 2021 and through the years to some. 

Tiffany Feger

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