Best Dentist Near Me, Dentist in Clearwater

How do people choose a dentist nearby? Many people look at Google reviews (You’ll love ours!). Others search online for a dentist near me or find a dentist near me. People also consider how long it will take them to drive to their dentist’s office. Most people will travel, at most, 10 miles to visit their dentist. Of course, because Dr. Jergins of Clearwater dental office, ClearWhite Dental is such an excellent dentist, many of his patients drive even farther. We truly believe that he is the answer to the best dentist near me!

If you work or live near our Clearwater dental office, we’d love to have you call us to make an appointment at 727-228-2517. We are located at 1831 N. Belcher Road, Suite F-3, in Clearwater, Florida, 33765. Here are some of the businesses close to us, well within the 10 mile drive time that people consider when choosing a dentist near me.

If you’re looking for the best dentist near me in Clearwater, Florida…

Here are some of the businesses and neighborhoods near our Clearwater dental office:

Queens Pizza 1834 N. Belcher Rd. Clearwater, 33765 / This favorite pizza restaurant is right across the street from our Clearwater office. Grab some pizza and stop by to see us!

Queen’s Pizza is very near ClearWhite Dental.

PostcardMania 2145 Sunnydale Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33765 / This well-known mail house is very near our Clearwater dental office. So stop by on your lunch hour or on your way to or from work. We are the best dentist near me for your team!

Sunset Grill   2328 Sunset Point Rd, Clearwater, FL 33765 / We’ve told you before about this wonderful Clearwater cafe that serves the best key lime pie in the nation! If you stop in there, stop by to see us to make an appointment to see Dr. Jergins, our vote for Clearwater’s best dentist. 

Here it is! The best key lime pie in the nation! Get it at Sunset Grill near the Best Dentist in Clearwater!

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