Dentist Shopping? Your Local Family Dentist is a Great Choice

Searching for a dentist is a lot different than picking the next restaurant you dine at. Dental care is important and vital to your health, so you don’t want to blindfold yourself and point to a random care provider from a list your insurance company gives you. Also, while a “big box” national dental franchise may seem like an easy way to go, there are plenty of reasons why your local family dentist is a fantastic choice for your dental care.

Personalized Care

Unlike a corporate dental clinic, a local family dentist can give you a high level of personalized care. Your dentist and his/her staff will know you and your family personally, and they’ll be able to understand and even anticipate your distinct needs and special concerns.

Local family dentists often have a warmer and friendlier ambiance, more often than not, images of the office and staff bios can be found on their website. Family dentistry practices work closely with you and your family to help alleviate any anxiety you may feel before you even sit in the chair for the first time.

Excellent Care

Big shiny dentist practices may provide quality dental care, but your visit may be so efficient that you don’t really have time to address any concerns you may have. With a local family dentist, you’ll have the time you need for whatever may be worrying you.

For example, at Creating Smiles Dental we spend more one-on-one time with our patients in order to create personalized oral health plans and answer any questions or concerns our patients have.

Minimal Staff Rotation

Large corporate clinics often have a rotating staff of dentists. This may result in you not being able to book with the same dentist at every visit. This formality may cause more stress, especially for those who suffer from anxiety. At a local family practice like Creating Smiles Dental, you’re a valued member of their patient community. Dr. Brayer and her trusted staff have been providing exemplary dental care to the St. Pete/Clearwater area for over 13 years.

Community Connection

A local family dentist has a strong connection with the community. He/she has a mission to ensure that all of their patients receive the best care possible, which helps their patients leave happy and return again, whether it’s for a simple cleaning and checkup, or more extensive treatment is needed.

At Creating Smiles Dental, we take our community connection very seriously (even though it’s also a lot of fun!). Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to see some of our community work and get involved!

Access to Emergency Care

Often, a local family dentist will have an established plan for emergencies, whether it’s a same-day appointment or the following day. Not all big practices can accommodate emergencies and shuffle you off to the next week, which may be too late for your dental care.

We treat dental emergencies for patients and non-patients alike. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency now, don’t wait! Schedule an appointment with us.

If you’re looking for a new dentist, there are loads of options you can choose from, but the personal benefits from a local family dentist like ours, plus the high level of dental care, far outweigh anything those “big box” practices can offer.

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