Dr. Brayer’s Invisalign Experience

Dr. Cindy Brayer, the owner of Creating Smiles Dental, decided she was ready to take a step towards straightening her teeth. “Over the years, I noticed my teeth were shifting and becoming more crowded,” she shared. With her skill and knowledge, she was fully aware of the options available to her in order to achieve a straighter smile.

The team at Creating Smiles gave Dr. Brayer a full assessment. It was a very different experience for her to be on the other side of the chair! Thankfully, she knew she was in good hands and enjoyed her time being the patient at Creating Smiles. At the end of August 2016, Dr. Brayer began her treatment with Invisalign.

When asked why she chose Invisalign, Dr. Brayer explains, “I had traditional metal braces when I was younger and I did not want to go through that again. After seeing so many of our patients have outstanding results with Invisalign, I finally decided it was time to take care of myself and straighten my teeth.”

Now, Dr. Brayer is happy to share her first-hand experience with her patients. “Most patients are surprised when I tell them that I am using Invisalign since initially they did not notice it while talking to me. This makes it more real for our patients and shows them how much we believe in the benefits of Invisalign.”

Invisalign is a great option for straightening teeth, especially if you are looking for an option that does not involve metal brackets or wires. Since she began her treatment, Dr. Brayer found the benefits of the Invisalign treatment went beyond straighter teeth. “I did not realize how much I snacked on the weekends until I started wearing the aligners and had to take them off every time I ate,” she explained. “Invisalign has been a positive influence because now I mainly eat during meal times and resist the urge to snack throughout the day.”

Dr. Brayer’s treatment should be complete by the end of the year. Invisalign has the ability to straighten teeth faster than traditional braces. “I am so excited,” she exclaims, “it is incredible watching your teeth slowly move as you switch out your trays. Also, cleaning my teeth is so much easier now that food is not getting caught in between the crowded teeth like it used to. I can’t wait to start off the new year with straight and healthy teeth!”

If you are considering Invisalign but do not know if you would be a good candidate, come into our office. The Creating Smiles Dental team can give you a complimentary consultation and answer all your questions about how it works and if it is right for your teeth.


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