Emilie and Sarah are Back to Work

Emilie and Sarah are back! Emilie took over being our office manager when Sarah moved away. She does so many tasks so well and does them with a smile. We call her our “Sunshine Pumper” whether answering the phone, calling patients, or welcoming patients when they walk in, she is genuinely happy to greet them. She remembers our patients and the relationships she makes are meaningful. Back when she was planning her wedding, she felt guilty leaving us for her honeymoon! We had to reassure her we would be okay without her. Her loyalty and love for our Creating Smiles Dental family is contagious and she has certainly helped with our positive office culture. She worked up until she had her sweet baby Everlee then took the full 3 months off for her maternity leave. We missed her dearly but were and are so happy for her. During her leave, we visited her some, got to see photos and videos of her happy baby, and the two even popped in for a quick visit a couple of times! It’s so fun hearing patients’ excitement to see her back up in the front again. 

Sarah was our first office manager and held that position until she moved away. She is the reason we are who we are today. She can do it all. She is a wonderful dental assistant who stays up front most of the time. She works in both of our St. Pete and Clearwater offices. She knows everything! She helped us over the years to transition to who we are in many ways. She developed more concise systems, helped implement weekly and monthly times to train and collaborate, worked with practice management companies to learn how to get us as a team/family to wow patients, and stayed right by Dr. Brayer’s side for the opening of the Clearwater office. She works like a million hours a week so although she moved away for a couple of years, we literally told her it was not goodbye. We told her it was see you later. She stayed as our consultant and worked remotely. She went on one of our office cruises with us and did come to visit and we would put her to work every chance we got. We need our Sarah so when she moved back, we gave hugs of relief and joy! 

We feel complete in St. Pete with Emilie and Sarah back up front, the band is back together and it we’re so happy! Stop in and say hi to them. If you are new to us, get to know our front desk girls! They are the best.

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