Getting to Know You: Patient spotlight - Peter Vuong

We enjoy getting to know you

We love that our new patients join you regulars in becoming our “forever patients.” We enjoy getting to know you and have found some ways how you can get to know us as well. This reminds us of the Oscar Hammerstein II song “Getting to Know You” from The King and I. 


As a teacher I've been learning—

You'll forgive me if I boast—

And I've now become an expert

On the subject I like most

Getting to know you!

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me

Getting to know you, putting it my way

But nicely

You are precisely

My cup of tea

We love getting to know you and hope you’ll like [us] too.


We would like to highlight 4 categories of “getting to know you.” 

  1. Our specific patients
  2. Our communities in both St. Pete and Clearwater
  3. Our social networks
  4. Our staff as individuals.

We will start this “Getting to Know You” series with one of our outstanding patients, Peter Vuong.

We have enjoyed getting to know more about him and think you will as well. Using his 3D printer, he made and donated 200 “ear savers” to local hospitals and fire stations. He made some for us as well which was so thoughtful as we safely phased back into fully re-opening after the two months of only providing emergency dental care. He was featured here as an everyday hero.

He tells us “[My] family has been personally connected to your office for about 2-3 years I believe. I love how welcoming your office is to us and everyone there is super nice. My website features a few new products in the “shop” section."

He felt compelled to donate the ear savers to us at Creating Smiles Dental in St. Pete and Clearwater as we safely re-opened with additional PPE. We felt appreciated and supported. We are who we are because of our amazing patients. 

Peter is the owner of where he services phones and tablets. Since he got laid off of his job due to Covid-19, he used the opportunity to launch the website. We’re proud of him and love getting to know more about our amazing local patients like Mr. Peter Vuong. He is fixing a broken iPad screen for one of our hygienists today! 

We would love to continue to get to know you.

Our patients are truly our motivation. Stay tuned to hear more about community opportunities, our new amazing doctors and staff, what we’re up to socially, and about you! Come in and tell us about yourselves. You are precisely [our] cup of tea, as Ann from The King and I would say.

Tiffany Feger

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