Healthy Teeth During The Holidays

Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed. Winter’s holiday feasts are right around the corner. From eggnog to Santa’s cookies to jelly donuts, the month of December offers tooth-rotting temptation for all of us. December is dreadful for your dental health. Learn how to maintain healthy teeth during the holidays. If you end up needing new dental work for the new year, check out Creating Smiles’ services!

Healthy Teeth During The Holidays

The American Dental Association offers smart advice on having healthy teeth during the holidays. The ADA’s tips on having healthy teeth during the holidays include:

Another good idea is to keep up your regular dental health routine. With so much tooth-rotting sweet foods and drinks available, brushing and flossing are vital. Visiting the dentist also helps in having healthy teeth during the holidays. Creating Smiles provides many dental cleaning services with a smile on our faces — and yours.

Sweets Aren’t Sweet For Your Teeth

People generally know that sweets damage otherwise healthy teeth during the holidays. What people may not understand is the chemistry behind tooth damage. Sugars in sweet, starchy, and sticky foot allow plaque and bacteria to build up. These bacteria slowly rot your teeth and damage your gums. Starchy food that you eat sticks in your teeth, causing plaque. Many starchy holiday foods also contain sugar, exacerbating the problem. Acidic beverages like soda or sweets like eggnog or hot cocoa linger in your mouth. Lingering drinks give bacteria more time to damage your teeth.

Tips To Ensure Healthy Teeth During The Holidays

Fluoridated water, at the dentist or from the tap, helps stop tooth decay and wash away sugars. If you purchase bottled water, make sure that its fluoridated water. In addition, avoid any sugary or acidic beverages, including eggnog, soda, hot cocoa, and alcohol.

To ensure healthy teeth during the holidays, also consider chewing sugarless gum. Chewing gum after meals improves saliva flow, washing away food particles and helping to prevent cavities.

Give Yourself Healthy Teeth During The Holidays

When gift-giving, you want the other person to use it, right? No gift is more beneficial than health, for your teeth or otherwise. Give someone the gift of healthy teeth during the holidays.

The easiest way to save money is to get dental insurance. Many insurance policies cover cleanings twice a year at 75 to 100% of the cost. Insurance coverage keeps final costs from under $20 to $50. Some plans offer full coverage, meaning you don’t pay anything for a dental cleaning. When you come to Creating Smiles, we provide a new patient special, so check it out!

General Dentistry At Creating Smiles

Creating Smiles wants to help you have healthy teeth during the holidays. Come on in for a dental cleaning and ring in the season with clean teeth. If you know the holiday temptation is too powerful, visit us during and after the season. Only your dentist knows specifically what service you may need.

Along with general dentistry, Creating Smiles’ services include:

Contact Creating Smiles online or call now at 855.980.7766to schedule your visit. Having healthy teeth during the holidays makes the season and your smile bright!

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