How to Make Toothbrushing Fun for Children

Is it difficult or near downright impossible to get your child to brush their teeth? Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a truly stressful moment. You know it’s good for them, but kids just don’t seem to get it. In order to get them to be healthy (and happy), you need a way to make tooth brushing fun for children. Whether your child throws a temper tantrum every time the toothbrush comes out, or whether they just flat out refuse to brush their teeth, these tips can help make it a little easier. Don’t stress if it doesn’t get easier right away. Small changes add up to make it better.

Buy a fun toothbrush

Start off by making sure they have a fun toothbrush. There are plenty made for kids that come with their favorite character on them or in their favorite color. Even better, let them pick it out. The sense of responsibility they’ll feel will encourage them to want to brush their teeth.

Try this pack of four Dr. Fresh Marvel Heroes Standing Toothbrushes and let them choose the superhero they want to be that day!

(Amazon, $5.29)

Grab a timer

Most kids just love being timed. Choose an old school two minute hourglass so they can watch the time tick down, or try a toothbrushing timer app for kids. Many of these apps play two minute songs that are fun for children. For example, the Tooth Fairy Timer is an app with a timer and music that encourages your child to brush their teeth and enjoy it.

Buy plaque disclosing toothpaste or tablets

Plaque disclosing toothpaste or tablets have a dye that sticks to plaque, but that can easily be brushed off. Your child may think of it as a fun game to remove all the color and know that they did a good job. Try Plaque HD, which comes in flavors like pink or bubblegum.

(Amazon, $14.95)

Brush Your Teeth With Your Kids

Monkey see, monkey do. Be enthusiastic about tooth brushing time, and show them that it can be fun. Make it a fun activity and they’ll stop looking at it like a chore.

Play Pretend

If your child still resists, turn it into a game. Choose one of their favorite toys or stuffed animals and “brush its teeth.” You child may think it’s funny, and see that having your teeth cleaned isn’t as serious business as they once thought!

Don’t Forget Oral Hygiene for Teens

(Very) big kids may need reminders to brush and floss as well. Teens are more concerned about appearances than young children. It’s a good time to remind them that brushing and flossing are more important than ever. Ask your dentist about teeth whitening for teens and Invisalign for teens. These can be incentives for teens to encourage them to brush their teeth.

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