Invisalign for Teens: Hannah’s Story

Hannah is an ambitious and responsible thirteen year old. As a junior thespian with a passion for theater and the arts, she dreams of the time she can spend on stage.

Hannah became very self-conscious about her smile. “I had a gap in my teeth and it prevented me from feeling confident. So I wanted to get that fixed,” she explains. She began researching methods to fix the gap and decided braces might be the solution.

Hannah knew getting braces was just a normal part of growing up, but she wanted something different that wouldn’t affect her life on stage. The young thespian wanted an alternative that would not attract additional attention to her teeth during treatment. She discovered Invisalign for teens.

She discussed her interest in Invisalign with her parents, who then took her to Creating Smiles Dental to learn more about the treatment. During the consultation, Dr. Brayer and her team at Creating Smiles determined whether or not Hannah would be a good candidate for Invisalign.


One of the criteria for Invisalign for teens is the level of responsibility the teen can handle. Hannah’s parents had to determine how responsible Hannah would be during her Invisalign treatment to ensure she would maintain her trays, brush when she needed to, and avoid certain food and drinks. Hannah was not a severe case and could be treated with Invisalign. Dr. Brayer and her team decided Invisalign was the right choice for Hannah and she also qualified as a candidate for PROPEL.

According to Dr. Brayer, Invisalign is an excellent alternative to metal braces. “We recommend Invisalign for teenagers because it is easier to wear, they are able to take them off when they eat and when they drink,” she says. “They can brush and floss easier so it decreases the chances of getting cavities.”


PROPEL is a technology that stimulates bone remodeling. PROPEL works with Invisalign to accelerate the treatment.  Invisalign + PROPEL has been proven to be the fastest way to straighten teeth. The length of time for treatment varies by case and can only be determined by your dentist, but PROPEL will significantly reduce the time it takes compared to traditional metal braces.

Hannah had a fantastic experience with Invisalign and Propel. As maintenance, she wears a clear retainer at night to reduce the risk of her teeth shifting out of place. She is all smiles now that her treatment is complete. After seeing how successful treatment was, Hannah’s mom is getting her teeth straightened with Invisalign at Creating Smiles as well!

Hannah’s family and friends have noticed a difference in Hannah’s attitude and a new bounce in her step. “My friends tell me all the time that I smile more and that I have a beautiful smile. And, it’s like a new me, a confident new me!”

Wondering if Invisalign is right for your teen? Contact Creating Smiles today for a consultation! We’re happy to help you find the right solution for straightening your teenager’s teeth.

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