October is an opportunity to share our story to so hopefully help your loved ones.

October is very special for all of us at Creating Smiles Dental


October is National Dental Hygiene Month

Our amazing dental hygienists are very prevention-minded performing various health screenings at every visit. We know that prevention and early intervention are so important. That is why we want to take a moment to share two more October causes so our experiences can help you and your families. 

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Our dental assistant, Dena, just lost her mom after a long valiant battle with breast cancer. She does not want cancer to have the last word. She was a fighter and wants us to continue her fight. This is still very fresh for us and to honor this amazing woman, we want to share some tips with you. Please help the women in your life follow the American Cancer Society’s recommendations: 

Keep in mind that not smoking, limiting alcohol and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle can also help reduce chances of breast cancer. 

October is National Liver Cancer Awareness Month

Jesseca is one of our dental hygienists and her dad, Bob Cates, is currently fighting like a champ with his liver cancer. He discovered this cancer after getting into a pretty bad car accident. In the hospital while getting checked out, his doctors saw it on his CT scan. In learning more about this cancer, we would like to share that if you or someone you love has any of the following symptoms, help the person talk to his/her doctor so the cause can be treated. (Having one or more of the following symptoms does not necessarily mean liver cancer but they are still serious and early detection can save lives.)

Possible Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cancer:

We are a family practice and want to keep our families and yours healthy and happy. 


Stay Socially Close Online With Us!

This month we are continuing to wear Pink and Green to spread awareness for breast and liver cancers. Join us! We love connecting with you through our social media outlets and when you reply to these emails. Remember we always have at least one give away or game going on Instagram and Facebook. We like your comments when we keep you entertained on TikTok and informed on YouTube. We love hearing your stories when you leave us reviews on Google or Yelp, connect with and recommend us on LinkedIn, and are looking for ways to share our smiling eyes with you in our community. Follow along and join in the fun! 

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