#PlutoFlyBy is Today in St. Pete!!

After almost a decade of “are we there yet” questions, we’re there! The New Horizons spacecraft will be flying by the icy dwarf planet this morning at 7:30am EST. So many questions will be answered with the 7 data gathering instruments including what we’re expecting most, the photos! Some pictures are already coming in, which is exciting. Fascinating geology Pluto, formerly known as a planet, started coming into view when we were still a million miles away. The actual #PlutoFlyBy will be relatively quick, for the mission, since New Horizons will be going super fast, at 30,800 miles per hour. If you’re afraid you’ll miss it, download the app, NASA’s Eyes, by clicking here. Lots of info right from NASA can be found here.

The Pluto mission has been going on for almost a decade, but we first heard about it in the local St. Petersburg College’s planetarium presentation last Friday night. Dr. Craig Joseph is excited about the # PlutoFlyBy! SPC hosts free Fridays which are open to the public, age 5 and up. They do a couple of showings of the slide show and live informative explanation of the summer view of our solar system as we see it in our St. Pete sky. Then, we actually got to go up to look out of the big telescope in the dome at the top of the natural sciences building to see Saturn and its rings! Other telescopes were set up as well and were adjusted by the helpful astronomers. If you want to go, get there early, because the room has limited seating. Each live presentation seats only about 45 people. We recommend attending this timeless event. For more info on the SPC show at the St. Pete/Gibbs campus presentation, click here.


Some other cool facts about Pluto are that it was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh in the Percivall Lowel observatory, as stated on the @NASAnewhorizons twitter feed. It’s largest moon is Charon. The moons are all lined up in one plane. Pluto is larger than previously estimated. The discoveries keep coming and we’re excited to learn more! Post your discoveries on our Facebook page on the picture of the pearls from Iris Jewels. Today, on our Facebook page, @CreatingSmilesDental, we’re giving away both a strand of freshwater pearls and a set of pearl earrings on sterling silver studs! Since we don’t have anything cool from outer space, we’re going the other extreme, under the sea for this week’s give away. Comment on the post for your chance to win!

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