Teeth Talk Tuesday TV

When you’re here, you ask us questions and we love answering them one-on-one with you. Many of our patients continue the conversation from home via email or social media. In order to reach more of you, we recently jumped on the IGTV bandwagon. Almost every Tuesday we release a new informative video! If you’re not on Instagram, don’t worry, we also post the videos to Facebook and to our YouTube channel. Our first video of Dr. Phane got a great response, but a favorite is of how she explains how cavities are formed. Do you know how one gets a cavity? The way she explains it in such a fun simple way. Click Here to see. 

We have a whole prevention series in our Teeth Talk Tuesday videos which includes products we carry, services we do, prescriptions Drs. Brayer and Phane write, and things you can buy locally at health food stores.

Yes we perform many services that

1) help get you out of pain,

2) function properly,

3) get rid of infection, and

4) cosmetically help you get your dream smile, but

5) YOU can do many things on your own too and we like being your direct source for all your dental questions so that you get accurate results that are right for your personal smile and health. 

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

We made a little Teeth Talk Tuesday video of some of us in action with our kids and how they brush, floss, and take care of braces. We dare you not to smile at this video that Dr. Brayer’s two daughters had too much fun creating. They really listened to their mom. Dr. Phane’s daughter brushes with her electric toothbrush, Tiffany hows how she flosses her daughter’s teeth after her bath, and Carly’s son is amazingly patient for his bedtime oral hygiene routine! 

Ask/Message/Call us with your comments and suggestions. It’s rewarding when patients ask us the same questions and we get to smile and tell them that we just posted the answer the other Tuesday. It’s good feedback that our content is relevant to you. Go see for yourself and, as Dr. Brayer’s girls request at the end of their video, don’t forget to like and subscribe

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