What Is Prophylaxis?

When it comes to oral health, you should take preventive measures to avoid disease. In fact, that’s what prophylaxis is all about. However, what is prophylaxis, and what does it have to do with dental hygiene? Learning more can give you peace of mind during your next dental checkup.

What Does Prophylaxis Mean?

The word prophylaxis is Greek for “an advance guard.” Basically, the prophylaxis definition means to fend off or take measures against unwanted consequences. For instance, prophylactic devices such as condoms and drugs prevent pregnancy. In terms of dental hygiene, they protect the mouth against oral diseases.

Generally, prophylaxis refers to a simple but important dental procedure. In fact, dentists refer to it as one of the most effective ways to prevent gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss. Also, prophylaxis can help you avoid the need for expensive dental treatments because it deals with issues before they worsen.

How Often Should People Have Prophylaxis Appointments?

Now that people know the prophylaxis definition, they might want to know how often they need it. After all, how often does someone need to take preventive measures against oral diseases? Most dentists agree that you should schedule a prophylaxis appointment at least twice a year. Typically, scheduling these appointments about six months apart is ideal.

What to Expect During a Prophylaxis Appointment

For some people, knowing the prophylaxis definition isn’t enough. They don’t just want to know what is prophylaxis. They want to know what to expect during an appointment. In fact, many dentists believe that helping people understand what to expect can alleviate fears of going to the dentist.

As the prophylaxis definition explains, a prophylaxis appointment is pretty routine in terms of preventive measures. During the visit, the dentist updates your medical history to see if there are any changes. Also, the dental hygienist might ask to take X-rays. Usually, X-rays aren’t done every time, but the dentist might need them once a year.

What is prophylaxis if it doesn’t include a little probing? After the X-rays, the dental hygienist will examine the gums or the tissue around the teeth. The dental community refers to this process as periodontal probing. During it, the hygienist measures the depth of the gum tissue and checks the teeth for possible decay.

Afterward, the dentist suggests some preventive steps that you can take at home. The goal is to help you take better care of your mouth.

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