What You Should Know About Repairing Damaged or Broken Dentures

You know to treat your dentures with care, but even the most cautious person can’t prevent every accident. Sometimes things just break, even dentures. Here is what you should know about repairing damaged or broken dentures.

Stay calm and call your dentist.

Though broken dentures are considered a dental emergency, it’s important not to panic. Your denture repair may be easy to take care of. To find out, you’ll need to see your dentist to determine how significant the damage is. First, call your dentist and explain the damage as best as you can.


Your dentist will determine the extent of the damages and the best course of action. It may be bonding a simple crack, or require repairs in the lab, or a new set of dentures. Only your dentist should make this determination.

Home care for your broken dentures.

Before heading to the dentist for your denture repair, you’ll want to gather all the pieces that may have broken off, if you can. Bring all the pieces with you to your appointment.

If you are wearing your dentures, you may need to place dental wax on the broken pieces as a temporary barrier to avoid cutting your mouth. It is very likely that your dentist will advise you to remove the broken dentures and place them in a case for transport to the office. Wearing broken dentures can sometimes make the damage worse and be uncomfortable.

DIY denture repair: Don’t do it.

There are several articles and video tutorials online about how to handle denture repair yourself with at-home kits and even super glue. Please do not do this! Dentures are custom-made pieces that were custom created just for you by professionals. Doing your own denture repair incorrectly could destroy the fit of them, break them further, and you could end up doing more harm to your dentures or even your mouth. This is especially true if there are sharp edges and protruding parts in your broken dentures. Left exposed they could cut your mouth and make things quite uncomfortable.

Don’t wait to seek help for your denture repair.

It’s important to have your dentist fix or replace your broken dentures as soon as possible. Ill-fitting dentures make you susceptible to oral infections. Wearing broken dentures, or not wearing them at all because they are broken, can lead to permanent changes in your jaw structure.

The good news is, if you do find yourself with broken dentures, Creating Smiles has a denture repair lab onsite. In some cases, we can even provide your denture repair on the same day. If you need your broken dentures repaired, call 727-220-5402 today.


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