Why You Should Keep an After Hours Dentist on Speed Dial

When an emergency strikes, don’t be caught off guard. An emergency dentist is specially trained to handle dental concerns, injuries, and surgeries and is available to see patients during after hours and weekends. Having an emergency dentist on speed dial can help you get the care you need quickly.

When To See An After Hours Dentist

dental emergency is when treatment is necessary to save the tooth, stop bleeding or tissue damage, or alleviate extreme tooth pain. These types of injuries include a knocked out tooth, a broken tooth, a tooth that has been pushed out of position, or an injury to the gums, lips, cheeks, or tongue.

A Tooth Has Been Knocked Out

knocked out tooth is a dental emergency that requires care as quickly as possible. Calling your after hours dentist as soon as the accident happens can ensure you get the tooth replaced in time. A knocked out tooth will generally have to be replaced within 30 min to an hour to save the tooth. In addition, the after hours dentist should be able to help you alleviate the pain from the injury and assess your teeth to ensure additional damage wasn’t done.

Replacing a knocked out tooth isn’t simply important for cosmetic reasons. Losing a tooth can be painful, and can also change the way you talk, and the way you chew food. Over time, the nearby teeth will realign, making them more prone to tooth decay and gum disease.

A Tooth Has Been Fractured

Broken teeth can be extremely painful. If you have broken a tooth, contacting your after hours dentist can help you feel better. Minor cracks may require pain medication and composite restoration, while more severe cracks may require crowns or further treatment. Getting to your after hours dentist quickly will ensure your pain is diminished and your teeth don’t continue to crack or your condition to worsen.

A Tooth Has Been Pushed Out of Position

If you’ve experienced a minor injury or trauma and a tooth has become misaligned, you should contact your after hours dentist. If possible, attempt to gently guide the tooth back into its proper position. Your after hours dentist will be able to help you with the pain and ensure that the tooth remains solid while it heals. Teeth that become misaligned can cause the surrounding teeth to shift, making gum disease and tooth decay more likely, and making it more difficult for you to chew and speak.

An Injury to the Cheek, Tongue, Lips, or Gums

Whatever the cause, if you experience lacerations or excessive bleeding in the soft tissue of your mouth, a trip to the emergency dentist may be required. Your after hours dentist can help reduce your pain and care for the affected areas. With any injury to the mouth, it is always possible that other teeth or tissues are damaged, and a professional emergency dentist can help ensure your full recovery.

Having an after hours dentist on your speed dial can help increase your chances of quick and effective service in the instance that you or someone in your family experiences a dental emergency.

Your after hours dentist should also be your primary dental care giver. An established relationship will help determine the best solution to your emergency and provide a smooth transition for after-care.

St. Pete Emergency Dental Services

Creating Smiles, your St. Petersburg after hours dentist, offers after emergency and weekend appointments to existing patients. Dr. Brayer and team will thoroughly and quickly assess your dental emergency and find the best solution for your needs.

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