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Dentist Shopping? Your Local Family Dentist is a Great Choice

Searching for a dentist is a lot different than picking the next restaurant you dine at. Dental care is important and vital to your health, so you don’t want to blindfold yourself and point to a random care provider from a list your insurance company gives you. Also, while a “big box” national dental franchise may seem like an easy way to go, there are plenty of reasons why your local family dentist is a fantastic choice for your dental care.

Personalized Care

Unlike a corporate dental clinic, a local family dentist can give you a high level of personalized care. Your dentist and his/her staff will know you and Read the rest

oral cancer prevention

All Smiles at the 2016 Oral Cancer 5K

This year’s Oral Cancer Foundation 5K Run/Walk for Awareness was a huge success!

We all enjoyed walking and running on the beautiful St. Petersburg beach, and we were moved by the powerful story shared by Eva Grayzel. At Creating Smiles, we are passionate about oral cancer prevention, so we look forward supporting the important work of the Oral Cancer Foundation at the 5K each year.Read the rest

It’s Always A Time for Giving in St. Pete!

It is the time of year when all Americans regardless of faith reflect upon the many blessings this great nation offers and the things we are thankful for. For many of us, and especially for Creating Smiles Dental, it is the right time of year to take the opportunity to give back in various forms. Creating Smiles focuses its efforts primarily on two charities, one national, and one local, to bring charity and hope to the country and try to make the world a better place.

To stay true to our commitment to good oral hygiene, we decided many years ago to champion the Oral Cancer Foundation’s cause. Sadly, … Read the rest

Is Being Social With Your St. Pete Dentist Weird?

We want our patients to feel comfortable in our office. We want to provide complete oral health which will help with overall quality of life. This does not simply begin and end with you walking in and out of our St. Pete office doors. We want you to be able to call us from home, to email us, to text us, and with today’s technology, we can even extend this to social media outlets. We have received Facebook messages during non-business hours with oral health questions. We have gotten comments on Instagram posts, and back to Facebook, have had patients request to be our “Facebook friends.” We love it! We … Read the rest

Who Says You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day?

white labor day

Food. Fashion. Fun. The trifecta of flavor that makes Labor Day one of the most celebrated days of the year. It’s a well-deserved day off from work, and honored as a national holiday since the days of President Grover Cleveland – that’s over a century ago! It also begins the all-too-soon wrap up of summer. So before all the fun comes to a screeching halt, let’s be sure this big day of gastronomic enjoyment allows you to stay tooth-healthy and wearin’ plenty of white the whole rest of the year!

Thinking about the Food on the Menu

Labor Day is one of those wonderful days were we get to spend … Read the rest

Creating Smiles Dental, back at the Back To School Care Fair

Creating Smiles Dental, serving in the community

Our team was represented again at the annual Back To School Care Fair put on by the Junior League of St. Petersburg at the Enoch Davis Center.… Read the rest

Tiffany’s Adventure: Vertical Ventures St. Pete

What do I do with my 4 kids on a rainy day? I take them climbing, of course! My kids’ happy place is climbing our tree, but our grass is soggy and the tree is probably slippery, plus it starts raining again and in order to watch them, not only are they dirty, but I get dirty and muddy too. I needed a break. Vertical Ventures to the rescue!

We ALL had to sign waivers but then could roam free! There are 3 main areas besides the members only American Ninja Warrior type gym. A wall where every other “station” has a self pulley thingy for everyone and anyone. There’s

Read the rest

Karen’s Insights from her Duke Energy Tour in St. Pete

I was given an insight on both what it takes to generate electricity and learned a lot about energy sustainability when Creating Smiles Dental was invited by the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce to tour the Duke Energy Weeden Island Power Plant. I see even more that Solar Energy is the way of the future but I had no idea it was so close to becoming a reality! Right now there are 2,100 business and private homes in Pinellas which are already using solar energy. The Weedon Island Plant does not utilize much solar energy, but I was impressed that it does use what are called biomass renewables.  These include

Read the rest

#PlutoFlyBy is Today in St. Pete!!

After almost a decade of “are we there yet” questions, we’re there! The New Horizons spacecraft will be flying by the icy dwarf planet this morning at 7:30am EST. So many questions will be answered with the 7 data gathering instruments including what we’re expecting most, the photos! Some pictures are already coming in, which is exciting. Fascinating geology Pluto, formerly known as a planet, started coming into view when we were still a million miles away. The actual #PlutoFlyBy will be relatively quick, for the mission, since New Horizons will be going super fast, at 30,800 miles per hour. If you’re afraid you’ll miss it, download the app, NASA’s … Read the rest