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All Smiles at the 2016 Oral Cancer 5K

This year’s Oral Cancer Foundation 5K Run/Walk for Awareness was a huge success!

We all enjoyed walking and running on the beautiful St. Petersburg beach, and we were moved by the powerful story shared by Eva Grayzel. At Creating Smiles, we are passionate about oral cancer prevention, so we look forward supporting the important work of the Oral Cancer Foundation at the 5K each year.Read the rest

Is Being Social With Your St. Pete Dentist Weird?


Our real live (sometimes silly) hygienists answer questions in real time on our new Facebook group.

We want our patients to feel comfortable in our office. We want to provide complete oral health which will help with overall quality of life. This does not simply begin and end with you walking in and out of our St. Pete office doors. We want you to be able to call us from home, to email us, to text us, and with today’s technology, we can even extend this to social media outlets. We have received Facebook messages during non-business hours with oral health questions. We have gotten comments on Instagram posts, and … Read the rest

Who Says You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day?

white labor day

Food. Fashion. Fun. The trifecta of flavor that makes Labor Day one of the most celebrated days of the year. It’s a well-deserved day off from work, and honored as a national holiday since the days of President Grover Cleveland – that’s over a century ago! It also begins the all-too-soon wrap up of summer. So before all the fun comes to a screeching halt, let’s be sure this big day of gastronomic enjoyment allows you to stay tooth-healthy and wearin’ plenty of white the whole rest of the year!

Thinking about the Food on the Menu

Labor Day is one of those wonderful days were we get to spend … Read the rest

Win a Cruise for Two

Win a Cruise for Two

Dr. Brayer loved seeing how excited Jackie was to win the big screen TV last December. Click here to see the smiles! Her next game is to see who will win the cruise for two out of Tampa!

We announced it with our holiday cards.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! CRUISE into the New Year…


WIN A CRUISE for 2 people when you refer friends and family!

Patients will still get an automatic $20 credit for referring friends or family members who become established here by at least getting a cleaning or a tooth fixed (anything besides just a free consultation or an examination.) But they will … Read the rest

Our Big Screen TV Winner is…

Our Big Screen TV Winner is Jackie Wilmot!


She is a wonderful patient who deserves this big 50 inch Plasma Television.

This summer we started doing some fun games for our patients. Instead of spending all of our advertising budget on an outside source, we decided to give back to our patients. We seem to get most of our new patients from referrals anyway, so why not reward you! Our patients get a $20 credit every time one of their friends or family members becomes an established patient with our office. This comes as a surprise a lot of times! In order to get the word out about this, … Read the rest

Win A Flat Screen TV!


What would you do with a brand new big screen TV?

Would you put it in your living room?

Would you give it as a gift?

Refer some friends to our office for your chances to win one then tell us what you would do with it!

Share this post with your friends and they will want to know what kind of awesome dentist you use that rewards patients instead of putting that money into advertising. For every friend or family member who comes in for more than a free consultation, you will receive one entry to win a 50 inch flat screen television! Of course your friends may … Read the rest