Smiles that Spark Joy

We are here to help you with the smile that will spark joy in your life.

With the “KonMarie” movement, so many people are finding joy and peace.

Marie Kondo is a best selling author who has helped people get organized. She has her clients pull everything out and hold each item one by one. If an item sparks joy, keep it. If not, don’t. With the remaining items, she helps with where and how to keep them. Organizing offices and homes has such a positive effect not only on the physical environment of work and home life, but it helps the guests on her new Netflix show, Tidying Up … Read the rest

In House Dental Insurance

Tired of dealing with your dental insurance?

Ask about our In-Office Dental Insurance!

We have found that many patients are wanting to cut the ties of dealing with a middle man. Dental insurance companies have one goal: to make money. They deny everything they can and offer only the minimum coverage to you. The plans often include an exam or two, two free preventative cleanings, a set of x-rays, and that’s about it although you pay monthly. They may discount other dental treatment at various percentages off. You can usually count on them expecting you to pay a deductible of at least $50 before extending that token discount to you. … Read the rest

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for You

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right For You?

Your smile is the first thing people see when they speak to you, and studies have proven that improving your smile can make you look and feel younger, more successful, and more confident. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your smile, or if you want to know if cosmetic dentistry is right for you, look no further–the team at Creating Smiles can help you.Read the rest

What KOR Whitening Is and How It Can Improve Your Smile

What KöR Whitening Is and How It Can Improve Your Smile

A beautiful white smile expresses youthfulness and health. With age, eating habits, and medications, sometimes our teeth begin to dull and darken. There are so many products on the market that guarantee a whiter smile. Many times the results are disappointing or inconsistent.

Perhaps you’ve tried teeth whitening at home or in a dental office and weren’t happy with the results. Or perhaps you’ve been told that because you have a specific type of stain, whitening wouldn’t work for you. Well, times have changed. Introducing KöR Whitening.

How Does KöR Whitening Work?

KöR Whitening is unique among teeth whitening systems. The KöR Whitening system helps first to restore your Read the rest

Propel is the Newest Orthodontic Tool! Speeds Up Invisalign

Meet the Newest Tool in Orthodontic Tech!


As a patient-focused practice, we are continuously looking to provide faster, more effective orthodontic treatment options. We are excited to introduce PROPEL technology to our practice, which can significantly reduce your treatment time. If you are considering orthodontics or Invisalign to straighten your teeth fast, now may be the perfect time.   

PROPEL is a new technology that stimulates bone remodeling, allowing your dentist to adjust your teeth faster and more predictably. Adding PROPEL to your Invisalign orthodontic treatment plan straightens even difficult teeth in record time!

How Does PROPEL Work?

PROPEL has been proven to straighten teeth faster and more predictably than through orthodontics alone. How Read the rest

Your teeth can make you look younger

Your Smile Can Make You Look Younger, Smarter and More Successful

Surprise! The fountain of youth has been in your dentist’s office all along. A recent survey conducted by Oral B found that a healthier-looking smile makes people look younger.

What’s even more surprising is that cosmetic dental work, and particularly teeth whitening, was found to be more effective in restoring a youthful appearance than a facelift.

It turns out that most people believe that your smile is the first indicator of youth, financial success, and education.

Whiten Your Teeth to Get Hired

Studies show that people are 58% more likely to be hired and 53% more likely to receive larger salary offers after a teeth whitening treatment.

Yes, hiring … Read the rest

Straightening Your Teeth Just Got Easier — and Faster

How to Get the Perfect Wedding Smile

On your wedding day, you should be all smiles – and hopefully that smile is white and dazzling. After all, this is an event where lots of pictures will be taken, and you’ll be looking back at them for years to come. With all the focus on you, you’ll want your teeth and smile looking their best!

Don’t worry. If you aren’t in love with your smile right now, you can be by your wedding day. Even if your wedding is only months away, you still have time to straighten your teeth with new invisalign technology. You’ll be smiling bright for your wedding day and beyond!

Straighten Your Teeth With Read the rest

st pete dentist fixes broken, crooked, cracked teeth

Solutions for Broken, Crooked or Cracked Teeth

You Can Smile Again and Fix Issues with Your Teeth

In the past, people with crooked teeth had to live with them for the rest of their lives suffering all kinds of associated indignities. Fortunately, today cosmetic dentistry can align crooked teeth with various procedure even on an outpatient basis.

Some people who are self-conscious about their smile may be frustrated. Discontentment caused by crooked teeth can be addressed and patients have several options now beyond the traditional solution of braces. As a St Petersburg dentist, Dr. Brayer shares more information on the following cosmetic dentistry procedures for crooked teeth.

Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces can take a while. Your cosmetic … Read the rest

Is Being Social With Your St. Pete Dentist Weird?

We want our patients to feel comfortable in our office. We want to provide complete oral health which will help with overall quality of life. This does not simply begin and end with you walking in and out of our St. Pete office doors. We want you to be able to call us from home, to email us, to text us, and with today’s technology, we can even extend this to social media outlets. We have received Facebook messages during non-business hours with oral health questions. We have gotten comments on Instagram posts, and back to Facebook, have had patients request to be our “Facebook friends.” We love it! We … Read the rest

Who Says You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day?

white labor day

Food. Fashion. Fun. The trifecta of flavor that makes Labor Day one of the most celebrated days of the year. It’s a well-deserved day off from work, and honored as a national holiday since the days of President Grover Cleveland – that’s over a century ago! It also begins the all-too-soon wrap up of summer. So before all the fun comes to a screeching halt, let’s be sure this big day of gastronomic enjoyment allows you to stay tooth-healthy and wearin’ plenty of white the whole rest of the year!

Thinking about the Food on the Menu

Labor Day is one of those wonderful days were we get to spend … Read the rest

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