botox before and after

Clearwater Botox Before and After Photos at Clearwater Dental Office

Patients at our Clearwater dental office are loving the results of their Botox treatments at ClearWhite dental. 

We wanted to share these botox before and after photos of one of our satisfied patients. She took the photos herself — so thank you to her! Her first photos show thee before and after area of her crows feet around her eyes. (She’s such a beautiful patient that even in the before, we think she looks gorgeous!)

botox clearwater crows feet

The second before and after photo, below, shoes the Botox treatment for the forehead area.

botox clearwater forehead

Dr. Jergins, known as the gentle dentist in Clearwater, FL, brings the same gentle care to his Botox treatments as he does to all of his procedures at this dentist office.

“We want to offer our Clearwater patients complete services to keep their smiles healthy and them happy,” says Dr. Jergins.

We provide Botox for the crows feet area around the eyes and the forehead area for lines there, as well.

Give our Clearwater dentist office a call to schedule your Botox appointment. Our number is 727-791-8823.