If you’re looking to perfect your smile, consider Componeers®. Componeers® are a extremely thin “caps” that are bonded directly to your teeth, resulting in a beautiful smile. At Creating Smiles Dental, led by Cindy Brayer, DMD, PA, and Phong Phane, DMD, the team uses the renowned Componeers®, which custom fit right over your teeth to correct cracks, discoloration, or misalignments. If you’ve been thinking about getting veneers or want to learn more, call Creating Smiles Dental in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida, today for an appointment or request one online.

Componeers Q&A

What are componeers?

Componeers are a prefabricated, composite shell that is manufactures by a machine so it has no air bubbles, which is very important because it makes them more resistant to staining and discoloration. 

What are the benefits of componeers?

The benefits of componeers are endless!

  1. They are very thin, measuring at .3mm, making them feel and look more natural and not as bulky.
  2. We don’t have to remove any amount of the tooth in order to apply the componeers, meaning your teeth can stay exactly how they are.
  3. They are also less expensive than traditional porcelain veneers.
  4. They are extremely convenient as we can place them all in one day. 
What types of corrections can be made with componeers?

Have a crooked tooth you don’t like? Perhaps you have a gap in between your two front teeth? Or maybe you just want a perfect, white smile. Either way, componeers can help you reach your desired result in less time than traditional porcelain veneers! They can also help smiles that have experienced tooth decay, attrition, abrasion, and erosion. 

How are componeers applied?

Componeers are very easy to place on the teeth, since they are bonded directly onto enamel using a composite material that is very resistant to abrasion. In order to stay conservative, I do not remove any tooth structure and bond the thin componeers directly onto the teeth, then smooth them to ensure a natural feel and bite when they are finished. 

How do you take care of componeers?

Componeers are very easy to take care of! You just have to brush and floss regularly, just as you would with your natural teeth. If you happen to chip a componeer, don’t worry! Come on into our office and we’ll fix you right up. 

Componeers Before and After


COMPONEERS® – A Hollywood Smile in One Visit

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Do you long for the perfect smile every time you look in the mirror? Is there an important event approaching in your life or are you constantly interacting with the public and desire the confidence associated with a perfect smile? If so, Componeers might be the right choice for you. This simple, minimally invasive procedure aesthetically restores your teeth and is proven to be an excellent option that yields immediate results for most patients. More often than not, patients walk away after a single session with the smile they have always dreamed of. Who is a candidate for Componeers? We recommend this procedure for a number of dental problems, including brightening teeth that have yellowed over time, or more serious ailments like a tooth fracture or abrasion of anterior teeth. Over the years, natural wear and tear can take its toll on your enamel, leaving unsightly pitting no matter how much you brush. A consultation will yield the best information for your individual dental health and aesthetic goals.

Componeers vs. Traditional Veneers

Componeer is an excellent alternative to traditional veneers. Traditional veneers require removal of as much as .5 millimeters of tooth enamel, and must be custom molded to your teeth. This takes a significant amount of time and multiple visits to the office. The composite materials of Componeer give you all the benefits of a lab made veneer, but are extremely thin, allowing us to conserve far more of your hard tooth matter. Because of the conservation of tooth enamel, this often times reduces patient stress. Componeers are resilient, absorb stress, and are easily repaired. They also will not degrade the integrity of other teeth within juxtaposition. Their natural shine and beauty emit vitality and deliver the results patients are seeking for. If you have desired a straight, bright smile, Componeers will prove to be a great solution.

Price Point Consideration

One of the most attractive considerations when it comes to the Componeer is that the cost can be half as much as porcelain veneers. This is because impressions, which mandate multiple visits, are not needed for Componeers, resulting in both time and cost savings. In addition, when used for restorative treatment, many insurance carriers will cover the cost of Componeers.

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