Confidence Boosting Reasons to Take Care of Your Teeth

Confidence Boosting Reasons to Take Care of Your Teeth

You know that taking care of your teeth and gums pays big dividends in the health department, and it can keep your teeth and gums happy and healthy. But you may not realize how your oral health can impact — either positively or negatively — your self-esteem and confidence. Here are some of the main reasons a healthy smile can improve more than your health.

Boost Professional Confidence

A firm handshake and a confident smile can give you a boost in your professional life. In fact, your smile can be one of the first things people notice about you. However, if you’re not feeling completely confident with your smile, it can affect interactions with colleagues and potential clients. On the other hand, great teeth can improve confidence and encourage you to smile more, putting others at ease — which can be crucial in a business setting.

Smile For the Camera

If your smile isn’t as healthy as it should be, you may not even realize that you are hiding your teeth. If you glance through photos and find that you have a tight-lipped smile, or no smile at all, it could mean that your less-than-perfect smile is affecting your confidence. A bright, healthy smile will help boost your self-esteem, which will be reflected in your photos.

That Dating Life

If you’re gearing up to start dating again, a clean healthy mouth will inspire a ton of confidence as you put yourself out there. If you don’t have to worry about fresh breath or gleaming teeth, you’re likely to have more self-esteem and confidence on your next date.

Why the Dentist Should Be Your Next Stop

If your mouth isn’t as healthy as it should be, make an appointment to see a dentist today. Your teeth and gums can affect your general health, for starters. If your gums are inflamed (a condition called periodontitis), you may experience problems in the rest of your body — not just your mouth. Unhealthy teeth and gums can impact your heart health and can also be problematic for people with diabetes. Some studies suggest there may be a link between osteoporosis and bone loss in the jaw.

Poor oral health also impacts your actual smile. If periodontitis continues unchecked, it can cause bleeding gums, loose teeth and even tooth loss. When your smile isn’t quite as perfect as you’d like, it can also impact your mental health and self-confidence. A thorough cleaning and exam (and treatment if needed) will get you back on track. Then you can shine your quality smile at prospective clients, the camera, or your next date.