Comfort Menu


Comfort Menu

It is our goal that each patient feels at ease in our office. We offer a variety of comforts while you are in the dental chair to make sure you feel relaxed during your visit.


You have the option of selecting a TV show or movie to enjoy while you are having work performed on your teeth. We have Bluetooth headphones for you to wear while you watch your choice of entertainment. You may select anything you would like to watch on our Netflix account.

Blankets and Neck Pillows

We have cozy, warm blankets for days when you may feel the temperature is a little nippy in our operatory. Neck pillows are also available for patients who have neck or back issues and need the extra support. Please let us know if you prefer any of these comforts to help make your experience more pleasant.

Headphones for Music

We also have headphone for you to wear and listen to any music of your choice. We have both Pandora and Spotify to choose any type of music you desire. This helps our patients relax during different dental procedures by drowning out any unwanted noise going on around them.

Vibrating Chair Massager

Ever lean back in the dental chair and wish you could also get a back massage while lying down? Well now you can! Our chair massager has different settings you can adjust depending on your needs and also has added heat!

Bottled Water

We offer you bottled water, either cold or room temperature to enjoy as soon as you walk in the door.

Warm Towel at the end of appointment

We know that sometimes getting dental work can be a tad messy. We try and clean you up before you leave the office to look your best, but sometimes, you just want to wash your face. We now have a solution! We offer warm, moist towels for you to use to freshen up before you leave.

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