Cavity Filling Procedure


Cavity Filling Procedure

You’ve been noticing a little pain when chewing on one side of the mouth. Maybe you can see a dark discoloration on the biting surface. There’s a good chance that you’re dealing with a cavity. Learn more about Creating Smiles’ cavity filling procedure, which is a pain-free experience for most patients.

What’s a Cavity?

Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, some bacteria stay behind on your teeth’s surfaces. In other cases, bits of food adhere to your teeth and contribute to plaque formation. When this happens, bacteria have a chance to attack the teeth’s surfaces. If you opted for the installation of dental sealants, you have some protection.

However, without these thin plastic coatings, it’s possible to trap plaque in teeth’s surface crevices. Eventually, this process requires the cavity filling procedure St Petersburg, FL counts on. Don’t wait until you’re dealing with severe pain. Doing so might create the need for emergency dental care.

How the Cavity Filling Procedure Works

The cavity filling procedure Clearwater, FL residents count on starts with a regular exam. Doing so allows the dentist to gauge the scope of the cavity and conduct any necessary teeth cleaning. It also sets the parameters for the cavity filling procedure.

Next, the dentist numbs the tooth they will work on. Doing so prevents you from feeling pain during the cavity filling procedure St Petersburg FL residents trust. This requires one or more injections into the gums as well as the jaw. Now’s the time to use the drill and remove the decay.

Failure to do so would allow remaining bacteria to continue decaying the affected tooth. Once they confirm that they removed every bit of decay, it’s time to insert the filling. Your dentist will discuss with you the type of filling to insert ahead of time.

For most any cavity filling procedure, St Petersburg, FL residents undergo, patients request a tooth-colored product. The same goes for the cavity filling procedure Clearwater, FL patients experience. The dentist now inserts the filling, which molds itself to the tooth’s cavity. They might do so by layering the material to prevent overflow.

Finally, you will notice that the dentist uses an ultraviolet light to harden the surface. This happens quickly. Frequently, the specialist will adjust the bit surface by filing down the filling a little. It maintains a comfortable bite.

Moreover, it makes the filling look completely natural.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Excellent oral hygiene maintains the overall health of your teeth. Going forward, it’s essential that you visit the dentist once every six months for an exam and preventive dental care. Doing so protects your teeth and their health.

Because Creating Smiles offers more than just the cavity filling procedure Clearwater, FL trusts, you can have a full-service experience. Examples include:

  • Invisalign for orthodontic needs
  • Dental implants that replace one or more missing teeth with permanent replacements
  • Root canals that help when a cavity filling procedure isn’t enough
  • Veneers, which can correct minor problems with dental shapes or gaps
  • Teeth whitening that makes your smile bright and healthy

Why the Cavity Filling Procedure St Petersburg FL Trusts is Essential for Your Oral Health

Decay doesn’t get better. It only gets worse. The cavity filling procedure St Petersburg, FL trusts restores the tooth’s health. The cavity filling procedure Clearwater, FL residents undergo also prevents additional decay from beginning.

Therefore, it’s important to get help sooner than later. The cavity filling procedure Clearwater, FL counts on isn’t painful. So, go ahead, and connect with the Creating Smiles team today. 

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