Accelerated Invisalign




At-Home Treatment Option

at home

VPro+™ is the only FDA cleared high-frequency vibration device clinically proven to gently move teeth faster and more comfortably. Through increased bone metabolism, circulation and improved aligner seating patients can now comfortably move through aligners up to 3X faster. (5 days vs 14 days). VPro+™ continues to help throughout retention too. VPro+™ is clinically proven to improve bone quality and accelerate periodontal tissue remodeling facilitating accelerated orthodontic retention. And get this… It only takes five minutes per day!



In-Office Treatment Option

at home

In-Office Treatment Option The Propel Excellerator™ is the first and only product FDA cleared for use in micro-osteoperforation (MOPs®) to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement. This treatment allows even the most challenging cases to move comfortably and predictably advancing aligners up to 4X faster (3 days vs 14 days). The science behind this treatment dates back more than 100 years. In just minutes your doctor will comfortably place tiny “dental dimples” or “micro” perforations near specific teeth requiring the most movement. There is no down time and patients immediately resume normal activities. Faster,

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