3D True Definition Digital Scanner


The new 3D True Definition Digital Scanner made by 3M ESPE has revolutionized the way we take impressions by eliminating the traditional impression material and replacing it with a 3D digital impression of the patient’s teeth.  By utilizing the newest technology, digital impressions are ensuring that we deliver a high quality dental restoration and much improved patient experience overall.


Benefits of the Digital Scanner

Improved Accuracy

The powerful “3D-in-motion” video technology allows us to capture and view a true replica of dental anatomy with great detail and visualization of crown margins with amazing precision to ensure the fit of crowns and bridges to be highly accurate for our patients for their long term dental success.  In comparison, the “traditional” impression-taking technique is more susceptible to distortion and bubbles.

Improved Productivity

When the impression is digitally scanned, it gets sent to the lab with a press of the button.  Digital files enable improved communication with our labs ensuring better, faster results.  Therefore, the delivery time of the crowns and bridges are greatly reduced (sometimes can be made in the same day or within a few days).  Additionally, digitally scanned impressions have a 99.8% rate of successful delivery the first time due to their extreme accuracy.

A Better Patient Experience

Many patients who are not comfortable with the traditional “gooey” impression materials will have a much better experience with the digital scanner since it only uses a small wand that is waved around each tooth for several seconds to capture the image digitally in 3D.  Then patients are given 3D glasses to view their teeth 3 dimensionally to give them a true understanding of their oral situation and an enhanced interactive experience.  In these ways, we are able to provide the best quality of care with predictable clinical outcomes for all of our patients.

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