How Can Your St. Pete Dentist Help You Fight Aging?

We all think about aging. It’s obvious in our hair, our skin, and the way our bodies feel. Now, what about your teeth — how can your dentist help you fight aging?

  1. Antioxidants for Dental Health

If you are concerned about aging, you have likely heard about antioxidants. You probably eat antioxidant-rich food, and apply antioxidant-based creams to your face. Did you know that antioxidants can benefit your oral and dental health too?!

Research shows a growing list of dental health benefits from antioxidants:

  • Antioxidants offset oxidative stress of dental compounds and procedures
  • Antioxidants help healing and counter the impact of nicotine on healing
  • Topical antioxidants are effective on oral, gingival, and periodontal cells

If you would like to try antioxidants, click the lower right of the page to order some, or come in for a sample. We think you will be hooked!

  1. Dentures

Picture a really old man, I mean a wrinkly white haired man with deep smile lines. Now, imagine his teeth — the back ones are missing, and this makes his mouth sink inward and his cheeks seem hollow. Do you ever notice how much older people look when their teeth are missing or in bad shape? Young people have white hair, and young people have deep smile lines, but a sunken-in mouth ages a person more than any other marks of age.

Of course we cannot go back in time for that guy to give him his jaw and pearly whites back, but what we can do now is give him dentures that fit! We can fill that mouth back out and can give him a reason to create more smile lines! We can reline dentures so they are comfortable enough to wear and can place implants into the jaws so that the bone will continue to be stimulated — which will stop the shrinking. The dentures can click in and out easily and make a great improvement to the man’s quality of life!

  1. Teeth Whitening

Have you noticed that children, young adults, and those seemingly ageless celebrities have the whitest of teeth?! Well, yellow teeth age a person! And teeth whitening is one of the easiest and quickest things you can do to improve your perceived age as well as your confidence. Confidence, we all know, keeps you youthful. We have heard that a fresh coat of paint or changing the shade of paint in a room is the most cost effective yet drastic way to remodel a room. Well, why not brighten up your smile?! You can either do the custom tray, take-home option, which works over a period of a couple weeks; or the fast-working laser whitening option, if you need more speedy results!

  1. Correcting Crooked Teeth

At first, only you notice your crooked teeth. Over time, however, if you do not attend to the alignment of your teeth, your mouth can become crowded, with teeth overlapping, oddly spaced out, or maybe just more out of line. Some say a crooked smile gives your face personality, but first impressions still matter in our society. It takes a little foresight to fix crooked teeth — in five years you will wish you had tried braces today, so you could have the youthful perfect teeth once again!

We at Creating Smiles offer clear braces such as Invisalign and some other speedy options. You would be surprised how many adults choose to get braces, and also how the clear options are barely noticeable. People tend to respect the results and the choice to get braces, no matter your age. Your sparkling smile awaits! If now isn’t the time, then when is? Having crooked teeth is not just a cosmetic issue — ask us how better aligned teeth can benefit you and about the more serious oral health concerns of crooked teeth.

  1. Bad Breath Reversal

Bad breath can happen at any age, and it can be embarrassing and a real hit on your confidence.  There are many causes of bad breath and we have some holistic ways to cure certain kinds. We use oral probiotics after thorough cleanings as a default help for some kinds of bad breath.

  1. Tooth Restoration and Implants

Broken, chipped, discolored, fractured, missing and decayed teeth often make us feel self-conscious. Some people may not even notice, but how often do you cover your mouth, or only half smile, or try to show only your good side of your face? How sad! You should be able to laugh without care! Little children laugh with wide open mouths with no fear of how they look. Laughter keeps you young. Let us help you laugh out loud again!


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Creating Smiles Dental, located in St. Petersburg, offers dental bonding, filling, and implants to restore your teeth to their former magnificence. The sooner you take action, the better for the remaining tooth, other teeth and general oral health!