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Does Laser Teeth Whitening Really Work?

Just as every smile is unique, the results of teeth whitening can vary from patient to patient. Laser whitening treatment can lighten teeth by several shades, providing results in less than 20 minutes. Is laser teeth whitening the right option for you? Let’s find out.

How Laser Teeth Whitening Works

A dentist-provided treatment includes protecting the gums and lips with a rubber or plastic guard, and soaking the teeth in a whitening solution that can penetrate the teeth and break up the stains, making your teeth appear whiter.

The patented laser used for the treatment activates the whitening agent, resulting in faster and more dramatic results. Typically, the longer your enamel is exposed to the bleaching gel, the lighter the smile. Depending on your desired results and your dentist’s recommendation, multiple treatments may be recommended.

Not all patients are good candidates for laser teeth whitening. The procedure does not whiten veneers, crowns, or other restorative work, and may not be as effective on stains due to aging or prescription medication (for hard to whiten cases, check out the amazing KoR Whitening system!). There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to dentist provided treatment. A consultation with your dentist can provide you with realistic expectations for your treatment.

How It Compares to At Home Teeth Whitening Systems

Staining on the teeth are generally located below the surface of the teeth, deep into the pores where toothpastes and over the counter products can’t reach. Whitening toothpastes may remove some surface stains, and may also slow the staining process but cannot remove deep set particles.

In office treatments offer higher concentrations of peroxide, ensuring the brightest smile. The laser light of the laser treatment stimulates the whitening process and provides you with faster results in fewer treatments than at home varieties.

Though dentist-provided teeth whitening options are more expensive than over the counter options, the professional treatment is worth the investment. Unsafe or improper use could necessitate costly restorative procedures, and are certainly less likely to be effective.

Laser Teeth Whitening Treatments are Safe

Dentist-supervised whitening systems, including laser teeth whitening have been reviewed and determined safe by the American Dental Association. Dental-supervised whitening treatments are safer for your enamel and tooth health than any at home procedure, due to their experience and expertise.

You’ll Love the Results of Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

The final results will depend on several factors, including the severity of the stains, how deep set the stains are, lifestyle and dietary habits, the type of teeth whitening procedure, and the number of treatments completed.

After the procedure, you should expect to see instantaneous results. To keep your smile bright and light, make sure to follow up with regular whitening maintenance. Download our tip sheet to learn more about getting – and keeping – a dazzling white smile.

A whiter, brighter smile can not only make you look healthier and younger, it can also improve your self-esteem and build confidence. Your natural-looking smile is ready to share with the world – Go share it!

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