Dr. Brayer throws Tiffany another baby shower

Dr. Brayer always throws fun thoughtful baby showers for her employees.

dr. brayer, baby showerDid you know that we have had about at least two babies born each year? Some of our patients joke that they are afraid to drink our water! Dr. Brayer had 3 of the beautiful babies herself. She was pregnant along with Tiffany for their first two babies but then had her third right away whereas Tiffany was pacing herself. Tiffany had her 3rd then 4th babies a little later. So this was the 4th baby shower that Dr. Brayer has put on for her hygienist, Tiffany. Because April was a busy month for everyone, we decided to combine the Save the Face Race oral cancer 5K’s office outing with the baby shower. Tiffany did not need a fancy shower since this was not her first baby. Dr. Brayer kept her tradition of including all of the families of our employees in our celebrations so many of the kids stayed after our walk for oral cancer. After the 5K on the beautiful Pass-A-Grille beach, we walked over to the pavilion, Paradise Grill. IMG_0448Some of us changed clothes, but we were all still hot and sweaty, but that’s okay since we were out on the beach! We opened presents first, actually! Some of our husbands and kids played in the cool water and in the sand. IMG_0525But Some kids helped with the fun presents! IMG_0454This would be Tiffany’s first girl so she got a lot of dresses… IMG_0501 And she got lots of pink things!IMG_0461 IMG_0474 Of course she needs diapers. Thanks Dr. and Mrs. Nguyen! IMG_0485 IMG_0490 Dr. Brayer got Tiffany a whole tooth fairy kit complete with a little place for each baby tooth to be stored. IMG_0493We waited until the beach restaurant started serving lunch before Dr. Brayer bought us our delicious meals. IMG_0519Here is Tiffany with her husband and 3 boys. The came up from the water for a bite to eat before heading home for their naps. IMG_0536IMG_0539 Tiffany had not yet decided her baby’s name would be Julia, so Dr. Brayer got a pink cake with no name. It was yummy!! IMG_0543IMG_0541 Then as party favors, she got each of her employees the little dials to store their kids’ baby teeth too! She gave one per child (So Tiffany got 4 total, for example.) Such an amazing party favor!  IMG_0516IMG_0518   The charity run then the baby shower made for a long morning/afternoon! But it feels so good to raise awareness for oral cancer then to shower our employee of 8 years with girly baby gifts:) IMG_0545

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