Dr. Brayer volunteers again

Dr. Brayer Volunteers at Gulf Coast Dental Outreach

Dr. Brayer Volunteers with GCDODr. Brayer volunteers a couple of times a year with Gulf Coast Dental Outreach, GCDO. She provides free dental services to patients who qualify financially. This specific patient values his dental health so much that he rides his bike up to Dunedin from St. Pete beach to get the work done at the extremely discounted rate.








Most visits are just $25 no matter what is done that day. The clinic is only opened on Fridays since the office is a normal general practice Monday through Thursday. This is a wonderful service to our community. From their website:

“We are a community dental project. We support our community, but also depend on organizations within our community to function. Local religious organizations, hygiene schools and public health officials refer patients to us. Our dental facility is a state-of-the-art office rented on Fridays from a private practice, and local dental assisting school students volunteer in our clinic in exchange for needed clinical hours…But we depend on the generosity of our community to support our operations and the skill of our volunteer doctors and dental support staff to make our program possible.” 

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Learn more or donate at www.GulfCoastDentalOutreach.org or start by watching this video of Dr. Brayer’s appreciative patient.