Drs. Brayer and Phane Lead a St. Pete Beach Beach Clean Up

Drs. Brayer and Phane and the Creating Smiles Dental team lead a beach clean up on Pass-A-Grille beach last Saturday evening. We had a Facebook event and invited patients, friends, and other health care professionals in the community. Dr. Anne Hermann of Hermann Wellness came with her family. We handed out gloves and bags and families spread out to find all kinds of trash.

We gathered to share our findings. Every bag seemed to have cigarette parts, but there were many other interesting finds as well.  We gave the prize for the grossest trash to Dr. Hermann’s son for the soggy fat cigar. As health care professionals, we find cigarettes and cigars especially gross! We gave out dollar store prizes that were appropriate for the beach and also gave out full size Spry products which are sweetened with 100% xylitol. We enjoy spreading awareness about the benefits of xylitol for both kids and adults.

Then we drank waters, juice and the melted popsicles and played. We love the beach and are so happy we can be a part of keeping it clean. More than half of the crowd stayed and ate dinner at the Paradise Grille and watched the sunset. We will do it again!