Exciting Artistic News At Clearwater Dentist Office, ClearWhite Dental

ClearWhite Dental, and Dr. Jergins and his team, are honored to announce an exhibition of The Blue Frock, an original portrait masterpiece by contemporary realist, Suzanne Murphy.

“It is truly a thrill to have such an exceptional work of art in our office,” says Clearwater dentist, Dr. Jergins. “We are especially grateful to Ms. Murphy for sharing her work with us, our patients, and those who visit our office to see The Blue Frock. We’ve already had many, many patients comment on the beauty of Ms. Murphy’s painting.”

Here’s the process of the hanging of The Blue Frock at ClearWhite Dental.

clearwater dental office, clearwhite dental, suzanne murphy artist

clearwater dentist, suzanne murphy artist


Artist Suzanne Murphy and her husband, Brooks Fountain, with The Blue Frock, a painting of Ms. Murphy's exhibited at ClearWhite Dental.

Artist Suzanne Murphy and her husband, Brooks Fountain, with The Blue Frock, a painting of Ms. Murphy’s exhibited at ClearWhite Dental.

Ms. Murphy currently lives  and paints in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Described as a modern realist, Suzanne’s About the Artist explains her style this way —  “…she illuminates her paintings with an impressionist’s sense of light and shadow.”

Here is more About the Artist: Suzanne Murphy…

Described as a contemporary realist, her canvases are mirrors reflecting a stillness of thought and a perception of beauty in ordinary moments and objects. Rich color and complex patterns resonate to hold the viewer’s eye and create a heightened sense of place and time. Having used acrylics for many years, Suzanne now works only in oil on canvas and pastel on paper.

Suzanne was first drawn to the painted image by some of the great 20th century illustrators like N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle. These painters understood the art of storytelling. They inspired imagination. As her exposure to artists around the world grew, she favored the works of John Singer Sargent. But the artist she would always be drawn back to is Edgar Degas. Even today, Suzanne admires his work more than any other.

Suzanne began her career as a fashion illustrator in Kansas City where she studied at the Kansas City Art Institute. After moving to New York in 1976, she attended the Art Students League of New York and worked as a graphic artist. She also studied at the Lester Polokav Forum of Stage Design and worked as a costume designer for several years. She credits the study of theatrical lighting as a basis for her use of light in her paintings.

Suzanne has been painting exclusively as a fine artist since 1993 when she moved to Colorado. There her work focused on the landscapes and still life of the Southwest. She now paints from her fine art studio and gallery on Florida’s Gulf Coast. And although she is inspired by both the beaches and green lushness there, she finds herself drawn to paint the human figure in stillness and motion, in shadow and light, in isolation or expressing itself in nature or an urban setting.

Suzanne gives art instruction both in her studio and as part of a Park and Recreation program. She serves on the Public Art Committee in Tarpon Springs; is a member of Oil Painters of America, Tarpon Springs Art Association and the Dunedin Fine Arts Center. In 2009, she was chosen as Artist-in-Residence at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater, Florida. Her work has been collected in Kansas, Colorado, Washington, D.C. and Florida where it has won numerous awards of excellence.

You may view more of Suzanne’s work at
www.suzanneelizabethmurphy.com , visit her studio and gallery
at 907 Klosterman Road E. in Tarpon Springs or email her at