Family Promise Cardboard Box City Photos and Update

What a great year it was for Family Promise of Pinellas County!

As you know, Dr. Brayer, her husband, and their 3 young children spent the night in Family Promise’s Cardboard City to raise money for the homeless families here in Pinellas County.
Dr. Brayer’s kids asked for donations from local businesses. Of course she said yes to her kids and Creating Smiles Dental sponsored a box for $50. Each box raised money to give a bed to somebody right here who is homeless in Pinellas County. Spacics, TD Bank, and Fishy Face Photography also said yes to the Brayer kids and sponsored boxes. The kids decorated the boxes for the businesses, how thoughtful!
There were also some entertainers before they went to sleep. It was one of the coldest November nights but Dr. Brayer’s family made it!

Look what the community of Pinellas County made happen between February and December of 2014:

– 1 host congregation to 14 host congregations
– 0 support congregations to many support congregations
– No Day Center to donation of our Day Center (3/1.5 house), free lease by Central Christian Church and relationship with Habitat for Humanity who is going to build our addition, making the day center a 5/2 including two offices!
– ~$20,000 to $60,000 in the bank, efforts to raise funds began in Aug., $40,000 raised since
– No vehicle to donation for full use of a van, and use of a bus on an as needed basis
– 5 people in a room planning to 5 TEAMS, between 5 and 15 people per team, ACTIVELY making FPPC happen
– No events to First annual Cardboard Box City, which greatly increased awareness of the plight of homeless families and raised almost $9000
– No staff to In December received almost 40 resumes applying for the Executive Director position to be filled in early 2015
– Limited awareness of FPP to almost all major social organizations in Pinellas County are aware, and excited for the development of FPPC.  The staff of the city and Mayor’s office are familiar and supportive of FPPC.  Senator Jeff Brandes enthused about what FPPC is doing and will support the program.

What a great year 2015 will be for Family Promise of Pinellas County.  Many exciting things will be happing in 2015:

– Completion of the Day Center addition
– Hiring of an Executive Director and a Case Manager
– Obtaining our own vehicles and trailer
– Continued fund development
– The greatest thing of all is that in 2015 the lives of homeless children and their parents, right here in Pinellas County, will be changed!!  The community of Pinellas County will make a long-lasting change to help children and their parents gain the independence that every parent dreams to be able to provide for their child!
Your efforts in 2014 is going to change the lives of families in 2015!
To make a donation to support Family Promise of Pinellas County, please visit our website: