dental emergencies in st petersburg

Handling Dental Emergencies in St. Pete

Two things bring dental visits to mind; we either remember our regularly scheduled cleaning appointments every six months to maintain optimal oral health or we get a sudden burst of pain that brings us to our knees. The first is easily solvable and we never think twice until it is our turn to return to dentist. The latter usually has us asking ourselves the following questions:

  • What constitutes a dental emergency?
  • Can it wait until morning?
  • Will the pain dissipate if I take an over the counter anti-inflammatory?
  • Should I contact my dentist, or see if the pain subsides?

We have all been there. Whether it is an aging crown, biting a hard candy the wrong way, or a ninja cavity that brings on full body shivers when you sip a glass of ice water, Dr. Brayer and her staff are here to help! Here at Creating Smiles Dental, located in St. Pete, we make every effort to see our current patients same day. We want to give you peace of mind as soon as possible to manage the pain and address the dental emergency in an expeditious manner.

All Type of Emergency Dental Procedures

We handle all types of dental emergencies, from crowns, bridges, and fillings, to root canals. For our patients that wear dentures, we have an in house laboratory, including same day service for many types of repairs. The important thing is, if you are experiencing pain, contact us right away. Oral pain is a response to a problem, not the sign that one is beginning, so the sooner our dentist is able to investigate the source, the sooner we can fix it. Like every patient, every dental emergency is different, so an expert set of eyes is imperative. If you are experiencing temperature sensitivity, toothache pain, a cracked tooth, broken denture, swelling and tenderness in your gums and around your teeth, or blistering, these are all signs of an abnormality and require an immediate phone call to your local St. Pete dentist.