Heart Health and risk factors for American Heart Month

Heart health and risk factors for American Heart Month

Did you know that some risk factors for heart disease are preventable and some are not? We want you to have a healthy heart and are taking this opportunity for American Heart Month to give you some pointers.

Risk factors you can change

  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Amount of Sleep
  • Amount of exercise/fitness level
  • Mental health
  • Nutrition
  • Smoking/Non-smoking status
  • Stress level
  • Anger management
  • Weight control
  • Periodontal disease management
  • High levels of C-reactive protein
  • Diabetes

Risk factors you can not change

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Age
  • Family History
  • Post-menopausal

We can help to save lives by helping control the risk factors that are changeable. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. That scares us so we are doing everything we can for our patients to help raise awareness. We wore our red dress pin for Go Red For Women pin on the first Friday of this American Heart Month. We do more things every day since the mouth is part of the whole body and any inflammation in the mouth is a big issue for the health of the whole body.

Blood Pressure Screenings

We are happy to take your blood pressure at an appointment for you. The hygienists offer before your cleanings and we routinely do it before any surgery here as well as afterwards. We have saved a couple of lives by doing a free blood pressure screening for patients who would not have otherwise known how dangerously high their pressure in their arteries was! We notified them of their condition that day and told them to follow up with a primary care doctor.

Periodontal Disease Screenings

We also do periodontal screenings for all of our patients. Periodontal disease is more common than the common cold but often does not show obvious signs and patients walk around with the chronic infection without even knowing it! There is a lot of research about how poor dental health is a huge risk factor for other health problems.  This study reveals that periodontal disease elevates cholesterol, blood sugar, and C-reactive protein levels. These are major risk factors for heart disease and we can help control it. Let us help you!