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St. Pete Dentist’s Advice on How to Best Care for Teeth with Braces

You have made the leap to a straighter, more brilliant smile by getting braces, either the traditional kind or the trendy Invisalign.  With that decision comes many little idiosyncrasies, with the most common concern being how to best care for and clean my teeth? At Creating Smiles, we believe in comprehensive services, not putting braces on to fire and forget. We highly encourage the following to maximize your results:

Floss wrestling…

Traditional metal braces have their own set of challenges when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene, not the least of which is feeling like you need to stand upside down holding a mirror with your knees to even see your back molars. The positioning of the braces often poses difficulty when trying to floss, which is why Dr. Brayer suggests using an interdental cleaner or a floss threader to ensure that every tooth is properly cleaned. In addition to the clear, nearly non-existent view of Invisalign, its popularity continues to grow because of the inherent convenience. With Invisalign, you can remove the aligners to properly brush and floss you teeth as needed after meals and before bed. This makes it not only easier to clean, but easier for you to visualize all areas of your mouth if a problem occurs.

Set your calendar reminders…

With any type of braces, it is imperative that you make all scheduled dentist appointments and checkups to make sure no areas are being ignored. Braces produce hiding places for plaque and bacteria to thrive, so catching places you may be missing when you’ve only just had braces put on can ward off the need for future dental services.

Eat a balanced diet…

With or without braces, eating a balanced diet is vital to not only your oral health, but your overall health as well. Over consumption of sugar is harmful and can cause cavities, pitting, scarring, and discoloration. Benefits of a healthy diet extend further than oral hygiene, and will let you enjoy your new smile for years.

If your toothbrush is having a bad hair day…

Is your toothbrush looking a little worse for the wear? If the bristles on your toothbrush extend if every direction except vertical, it is time to get a new one. Every three to four months is  good rule of thumb. Crisp bristles allow for more diligent cleaning! Also, no matter how much you rinse your toothbrush, it can become a petri dish for bacteria, so play it safe and buy a new one on the ADA recommended time schedule.

Of course, as your local St. Petersburg Dentist, any questions you have about the best way to care of your teeth, or any concerns you may have about discomfort or pain in regards to your braces, please contact our office for assistance.

St. Pete Dentist's Advice on How to Best Care for Braces
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St. Pete Dentist's Advice on How to Best Care for Braces
As your local St. Pete Dentist, please call to discuss the best way to care for braces, including how to handle any discomfort.
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