Straightening Your Teeth Just Got Easier — and Faster

How to Get the Perfect Wedding Smile

On your wedding day, you should be all smiles – and hopefully that smile is white and dazzling. After all, this is an event where lots of pictures will be taken, and you’ll be looking back at them for years to come. With all the focus on you, you’ll want your teeth and smile looking their best!

Don’t worry. If you aren’t in love with your smile right now, you can be by your wedding day. Even if your wedding is only months away, you still have time to straighten your teeth with new invisalign technology. You’ll be smiling bright for your wedding day and beyond!

Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile – in life and in photographs. Straight, healthy teeth will make sure you are wedding day ready. Traditionally, people used braces to get that perfect smile, but today Invisalign has clear advantage in creating a beautiful smile.

Invisalign is a clear plastic brace molded to fit your teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign is practically invisible and can be removed to eat and brush your teeth. Every 6 weeks, you’ll visit your dentist to receive your next set of Invisalign aligners. You’ll see real improvement with each aligner change, as your teeth are moved into your perfect smile. Invisalign treatments can take about a year to complete, depending on the level of correction needed.

Straighten Your Teeth Faster With PROPEL

Want to cut down the time it takes to straighten your teeth? Try combining PROPEL with your Invisalign treatment.

PROPEL stimulates the bones of your teeth to increase the speed that they move, even allowing your doctor to target specific teeth. Instead of taking a year to complete your treatment, that time is cut in half. You can show off your beautiful new smile as you walk down the aisle, even if your wedding is just a few months away!

Get a Bright White Smile

What’s the easiest and quickest way of all to improve your wedding smile? Teeth whitening!

With laser whitening, you can transform your smile in under 20 minutes from six to twelve shades brighter. Laser whitening works by applying a unique hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth, which is activated by the light energy from the laser. True laser whitening takes less than 20 minutes, compared to the hour treatments for other whitening procedures that only use a light, not a laser.

You can supplement your laser whitening or do it yourself, with at-home whitening. You’ll be given custom trays to fill with gel and wear while you sleep. If you are like most patients, it may take only 1-2 weeks to whiten your teeth!

Once you have the perfect wedding smile, you won’t want to ruin it with stains. Read our tip sheet to see the 10 tips to get (and keep) your teeth pearly white for the wedding!

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