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How To Prevent Cavities

How to prevent cavities is very easy with the right information. Many people believe that you cannot reverse cavities. However, in this article, you will learn how to prevent cavities naturally, with or without general dentistry services in St Petersburg FL.

Why Do Cavities Form?

Cavities occur due to foods containing carbohydrates, mainly by leaving sugars and starch on the teeth. The bacterium that reside in the mouth thrive when these foods are left on the teeth. This then produces acids as a result. After a while, tooth enamel gets destroyed by these acids causing cavities.

According to Dr. Edward Mellanby from the American Dental Association, cavities are typically caused by four main things:

  • Lack of minerals, mainly calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus
  • Consumption of processed sugars
  • Consumption of excess foods rich in phytic acid
  • Lack of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, and K

Solutions to Prevent Cavities Naturally 

In addition to teeth cleanings in St Petersburg FL, here are a few other daily practices you should adopt to prevent cavities:

  • Daily brushing and flossing
  • Removing processed sugars from your diet – Processed sugars are the worst enemy to healthy cavity-free teeth. It is highly acidic and decalcify structural content of the teeth through feeding on the oral bacteria found in the mouth and prevents the healthy flow of dental fluids. Try avoiding products such as soda and baked products with sugar. Additionally, you should embrace taking products such as natural raw honey, maple syrup, and stevia.
  • Minimize on taking foods rich in phytic acid -Phytic acid is an enzyme inhibitor and a mineral blocker. It binds molecules necessary for our oral health and causes them to be unavailable for use. Consumption of foods high in phytic acid decreases magnesium absorption and leaches minerals such as zinc out of the bones and teeth.
  • Consume foods rich in raw dairy and nutrients -Eating foods rich in raw dairy gives the body vitamins and minerals. This helps in promoting healthy dental fluid flow and maintaining sharp teeth and oral health. This helps foster cavity-free teeth. It also gives teeth calcium, vitamin K2, phosphorus, vitamin D3, and fat-soluble vitamins useful for oral health. Additionally increase your intake of foods such as goat milk, raw cheese, organic grass-fed butter, and kefir, which can help prevent cavities naturally. It is also advisable to make sure that you eat animal based foods such bone broth, fish, meat, and eggs to boost minerals such as calcium in your body.

At a St Petersburg dental office, we offer free diet plans on how you can prevent cavities naturally and ensure that you supplement your diet with the right vitamins to control, prevent, and reverse cavities.

Are You Ready to Learn How to Prevent Cavities?

Creating Smiles offers an excellent solution if you may be suffering from cavities. We don’t only treat you for the cavities, but we also ensure that we inform you on how you can naturally avoid getting cavities. Reach us today at 855.980.7766 if you want to learn more on how to prevent cavities.