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We have found that many patients are tired of dealing with a middle man. Dental insurance companies have one goal, to make money. Insurance companies deny everything they can and offer only the minimum coverage to you. The plans often include an exam or two, two free preventative cleanings, a set of x-rays, and that’s about it. They may discount other dental treatment at various percentages off. You can usually count on them expecting you to pay a deductible of at least $50 before extending that token discount to you. They never cover cosmetic procedures. They may only pay a percentage off up to a certain amount. They always have an annual maximum which may not be high enough. Some want proof you need the work done before you can get started. We will send them the chart, notes, pictures, x-rays and whatever else they require of course, but then you have to wait. The waiting takes about 6-8 weeks! If you choose not to wait, they may not cover the procedure which leaves you wondering why you’re paying for insurance at all. If do wait, they still may deny you the treatment. How do they know what you are feeling and what you need? Are they your doctor? We know this frustrates you. If they do approve the procedure, waiting for that approval first may cause further things to break in your mouth. The infection will not get any better without treatment. You may get more pain and/or soreness. You may change the way you chew, etc. And more issues usually arise. So we have an answer.

Get rid of all of that confusing fine print and paperwork and cut out that middle man all together. Do not deal with the headache of insurance! Allow us to help you with exactly what you need, right when you need it. The dentist and you can make the choice together without letting insurance companies be a part of that decision. We even offer the discount(s) to cosmetic procedures! We love creating smiles.

For many patients who do not have their own traditional dental insurance or who are looking for a better option and wish to cancel their plans, we offer an In-Office dental insurance to help with financial needs.

Our policy for this in-office dental insurance:

  • Yearly Fee: $249 per person valid for 365 days from the start date.
  • Any immediate family member of an enrolled patient will receive 10% off of his/her yearly fee.
  • This plan covers:
  •         One examination (Example: comprehensive exam or recall exam)
  •         The necessary radiographs (X-rays) for the examination
  •         Two cleanings (Example: preventative prohylaxis or periodontal maintenance) *note: this does not include scaling and root planning procedures
  •         10% discount off of all other dental treatment needed if paid at the time of treatment
  •         15% discount off of all other dental treatment needed if the Total treatment plan is paid for in advance prior to starting the treatment *note: this can not be combined with any other financing options that may be available
  • This coverage is only valid for 365 days and can be renewed at the end of that time.
  • No maximums! No deductibles! No age limits! No missing tooth/teeth clauses! No “Cosmetic” exceptions! No waiting periods! Start saving today!!

We know you will rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with Dr. Brayer, Dr. Nguyen, Dr. Rodenbostel, Dr. Cubenas, and their wonderful team. We are happy that we can help ease the financial burden and stress of dealing with insurance so that you will know you are getting the best treatment that is right for you. You will know everything up front so you can make your own informed decisions with your own dental health.

Free yourself, call us or come in to get started today! You will be covered starting NOW! No waiting period! 727-323-0377

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