Introducing The Solea Laser – Cutting Edge Dental Technology in St. Pete

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Dr. Brayer is excited to announce a major new addition to her practice, the Solea laser in July 2015. Lasers have been used for years for dental procedures; however, this particular model is a major advancement in dental laser technology. The Solea laser allows for fast, quiet and precise operation. It is FDA approved for both soft and hard tissues, and reduces the need for anesthesia by over 90%. The ease and seamlessness of using the Solea laser allows us to practice more efficient dentistry services for our customers. Because most patients will be able to get their fillings completed without numbing their teeth, we can work on multiple quadrants of your mouth during the same visit. The Solea laser works great on children’s primary teeth, too, making dentist visits a more pleasant experience for younger patients. Imagine coming in for a cleaning or check up and getting that surprise cavity handled the same day!

The Solea laser will give peace of mind to many patients that dislike the sound of drills. Free from vibrations, the evolution of this product greatly decreases the need for a drill. Putting off what used to be considered a dreaded procedure can now be quick, efficient, and most significantly, accompanied with little to no discomfort. Dr. Brayer is committed to excellence and the introduction of Solea laser to the Creating Smiles Dental Practice continues with tradition of offering quality dental services to achieve beautiful smiles. Creating Smiles Dental is the only practice within 160 miles of St. Pete with this new technology!

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