Is Being Social With Your St. Pete Dentist Weird?


Our real live (sometimes silly) hygienists answer questions in real time on our new Facebook group.

We want our patients to feel comfortable in our office. We want to provide complete oral health which will help with overall quality of life. This does not simply begin and end with you walking in and out of our St. Pete office doors. We want you to be able to call us from home, to email us, to text us, and with today’s technology, we can even extend this to social media outlets. We have received Facebook messages during non-business hours with oral health questions. We have gotten comments on Instagram posts, and back to Facebook, have had patients request to be our “Facebook friends.” We love it! We like to connect, and genuinely become friends with many many patients. It is easy since we see one another more than many of our patients actually see their best friends in person. Our hygienists often see periodontal maintenance patients anywhere from every month to every four months. Our patients bring in photos of their vacations, their new puppies, their grandkids, and wedding photos. When we click, we click, and the conversation can continue in a more social setting. (The conversations in the dental chair can get one-sided since our hands are in your mouth anyway!)

So we are becoming more active on social media. We have accounts on YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Yelp, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. We just started a new group last week since there was interest. We call it Creating Smiles and Answering Questions. Our business page no longer will show up in personal news feeds unless we pay Facebook some money. For important (or really cute) posts, we sometimes do choose to “boost” the post for a dollar or something, but patients who don’t get in here except every 6 months miss out. For you, you can join the group. Click here to see behind the scenes pictures, updates, and for a nice place to ask questions. Dr. Phane just posted a fun picture of all of us jumping on the beach for our holiday card pictures. Go see!