Need Same Day Dental Repair

Need Same Day Denture Repair? We Have an In-House Denture Lab!

Your dentures will experience a lot of wear and tear over the years. Not just chewing, but acid in certain foods, hot and cold temperature exposure from food and drink, even your saliva works to break down your dentures over time. Dentures also experience stress from teeth grinding, frequent removal and improper care. For these reasons, it isn’t uncommon for dentures to break or become damaged after a few years of use.

If Your Dentures Break

It’s important to call your dentist right away if your dentures break or fracture. Your dentist will be able to determine if the damage requires an emergency visit or if it can be handled in a regular office visit.

Do not attempt to repair cracked dentures on your own. You may think it will save you money, but if your dentures are not repaired correctly you may end up with poorly fitting dentures that hurt, or they may have to be replaced entirely.

The Denture Repair Process

Most dental offices do not repair dentures on-site. Typically, your dentist will send your dentures back to the lab where they were made. Technicians at the lab will realign your dentures, pour a silicone compound or plaster mix inside the denture to create a mold, then fix the crack with new acrylic. Repaired dentures will fit similar to how they did before they were damaged and may be stronger than before. However, it may take up to 14 days before your dentures are returned to you.

The Benefits of an In-Office Denture Repair Lab

The difference at Creating Smiles Dental is our in-office dental lab. We create dentures for our patients right in the office. Our expert technicians can repair your dentures in a fraction of the time of a typical, off-site lab. Some repairs can even be made the same day as your visit!

If your dentures crack, fracture, chip or become otherwise damaged, you don’t have to panic. We are ready to provide you with high-quality repairs, excellent service, and expert dental care–all available right in our local office. Call the Creating Smiles Dental for a free denture consultation!