Nominate a deserving millitary member

Nominate a deserving millitary member

Halloween Candy Care Packages for the Troops

Last year we sent a care package to some of out troops serving in Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. One was our hygienist’s cousin. 1502731_750031728357554_537942935_oWe had our patients, big and small, bring in their left over Halloween candy. In exchange, they got a free fluoride treatment. They could use it after all that candy! Some even made cards! We will do this again, so go ahead and let your kids trick-or-treat away.

We would like to do this again. Tiffany’s cousin is back safe in Oklahoma with his beautiful wife though so we are asking you to nominate another soldier. We want to support your troops! Comment here or contact us through social media or otherwise to submit a photo(s) of a worthy service man or woman.

And bring in your left over Halloween candy and we will send it to them for you. Include a thank you note from your kids if you would like! These guys are over there fighting for our freedom, let’s show them how we appreciate them. Let’s show our gratitude for their service by sending them a comforting care package filled with sweets and happy thoughts and prayers. We will post a picture of the soldiers with the candy for your kids to see! We will also give your kids free fluoride varnish treatments in exchange for their candy. (And there is a dollar store right across the street if you would further like to bribe your kids.) Don’t let them eat it all!!

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