Oral Cancer Kills, we’re doing our part

We screen for Oral Cancer with every exam and every dental cleaning. We take detection and seriously. We simply look and feel for the screening, it is not invasive and there is no discomfort or pain. We do not charge for the initial screening.

We also educate patients to look themselves. If there is anything abnormal, not normal healthy pink, then we should take a look at it.

We follow the Oral Cancer Foundation’s standard of care: Any sore, discoloration, induration, prominent (exophytic) tissue, irritation, hoarseness, complaints of difficulty in swallowing, unilateral earaches, which does not resolve within a two week period on its own, with or without treatment, should be considered suspect and worthy of further examination or referral. – See more at: http://oralcancerfoundation.org/dental/role_of_dentists.php#sthash.JFH62INp.dpuf

We have referred patients to have biopsies and have actually found oral cancer in at least one patient who reported back to us about his treatment. Luckily, he is an oral cancer survivor! He and was treated at Moffit in Tampa. He and his wife came and walked in the 5K Save The Face Race with us.


All of the proceeds went to the Oral Cancer Foundation. They were happy to share their story and are so thankful to Dr. Brayer and her staff for catching the cancer early enough.