Our Dental Hygienist’s volunteer day in St. Petersburg, FL

Our Dental Volunteer Day in St. Petersburg

Our dental hygienist, Tiffany Feger, RDH, BASDH, volunteered again by doing free dental screenings and free fluoride treatments at The Junior League’s annual Back To School Care Fair last Saturday. This year it was at a new location so instead of having dental chairs, the dental hygienists had to use camping headlights!


The Junior League of St. Petersburg is always giving back to the city. Every year it puts on a Care Fair where underprivileged children come to receive free medical exams, free immunizations, free vision screenings, free diabetes screenings, free bike helmets, help with school registration and other community agencies and free dental screenings and free fluoride treatments by the Pinellas County Dental Hygienists’ Association! Tiffany is still on the PCDHA board and volunteered again this year. The children leave with a backpack with school supplies inside! The Junior League is a wonderful group of women and we are happy to be a part of their event.


The children ranged from pretty much babies to teenagers. The toddlers got to sit on their mommy’s lap while we looked at their tiny teeth.


One teenager was surprised when we told her that she was a candidate for braces because of her severe cross bite. She said that she was just told in the other room that she had hearing problems as well. This was her first time getting a hearing or dental screening! Multiple parents were shocked to find out that Medicaid would pay for full dental treatment for their children. Some of the children already had toothaches. We are so fortunate that we were able to educate the care givers so that the children can have better access to dental health care! We gave each child a list of places they could go for the full exams, cleanings, and treatment along with their goodie bags.


Dr. Cindy Brayer looks for ways to give back to her community. She will be volunteering at the Gulf Coast Dental Outreach clinic the Friday before school starts. We love creating beautiful happy healthy smiles and thumbs up!