Pets: Got Doggy Breath? Here’s a cure!

Pet lovers: Got Doggy Breath? Here’s a cure!


You love your pet, right? But honestly, do you practice good oral care and oral hygiene with your pet dog or cat?

At Creating Smiles, we care about the health of your whole family. We know that includes your children as well as your pets. We are now carrying a line of oral health gel for your pets! Just grab a tube on your way out when you get some salivary antioxidant gel for yourself. Remember your pets too!

Your veterinarian will tell you that your pet’s oral health is vitally important. Bad breath is often the first sign of oral disease that can have severe effects on an animal’s overall health and lifespan. Just as in humans, oral care for pets should be part of a complete program that includes regular professional check-ups and cleaning plus daily routine hygiene.

You may already know all that, but let’s face it: It’s a laborious struggle to do what it takes to keep a pet’s breath fresh.

Dose, Lick, Love.

Tooth to Tail is out to change that. Our product is easy to use and clinically proven to be effective. It’s as easy as 1,2,3: Dose, lick, and love.

To dose, just squeeze some of the gel onto an applicator and let your pet lick it off. Check the product packaging to see how much to give your pet. Larger animals take a little more than small ones.

Some animals may not be interested in licking the gel at first, so there’s another easy way to dose. Each tube has a long, thin plastic tip that lets you slide it into the pet’s mouth for a quick squeeze.

Save the fingers.

What you do not have to do is slime some goo on your fingers and stick them in your pet’s mouth. That’s gross, right? And those teeth are sharp.

After that, your pet takes over with licking, his normal response to food in the mouth. The licking works to spread the gel throughout the oral cavity. The polyphenol antioxidants in the gel have a molecular structure to stick to the oral tissues for a long time. It’s almost like a time-released action of fighting the chemical compounds that cause bad breath.

More love than ever.

After dosing and licking comes the love. Each morning when you give your pet her daily dose of Tooth to Tail Antioxidant Gel, you can follow up with some close contact. Maybe some doggie kisses or a kitty cuddle. You’ll find that with fresh breath, you’ll enjoy being close to your pet more than ever.

More important, taking care of your pet’s oral care is a fundamental way of showing your love for your faithful furry friend. Tooth to Tail makes it easy; your pet’s love makes it worthwhile.

Come in and grab some gel for your pet today!

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