Professional Perception and a Brilliant Smile; Studies Show Relevance

The powerful relationship that a brilliant smile personifies undoubtedly indicates success.

Brilliant Smile in St Petersburg FloridaConsider the high stakes and opportunities that may be lost on a first impression if insecurity in your smile conceals your personality. Believe it or not, your smile is a powerful body language tool that speaks volumes about your abilities, willingness, and sincerity. Human resource specialists and headhunters emphasize the importance of body language in an interview. The average interviewer forms their first impression of you within seven seconds. A polished smile, like a solid handshake, shows that you mean business. Creating Smiles Dental believes every person can have the chance at a perfect smile. Our practice offers many options for you to position yourself for success. Studies have shown that several industries rely on a great smile to facilitate a bond. Pediatricians, flight attendants, CEO’s, secretaries: almost every job associates smiling with a visible association of core values that include respect, compassion, and hospitality. No matter how influential your position, business to business relationships and business to consumer relationships are all based on foundations of excellent customer service.

As a society, we have a long standing obsession with good cheer and smiling and how they can influence behavior. Dr. Brayer offers many services to her patients in St. Petersburg, all of which are focused on giving every patient the chance to achieve great dental health and a brighter, straighter smile. It is worthwhile to invest in your smile and see how quickly others take stock. Let’s be honest: smiles are contagious. Isn’t it time to make a brilliant smile your trademark? Contact our office for more information on how you can become your own best marketing specialist!