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As you all know, May 21 was Red Nose Day, and we wanted to see you with your red noses on! We were touched by how many of our patients joined in with us for this wonderful cause. Creating Smiles Dental, in St. Pete, has donated $150 to Comic Relief as a result of your hashtagging. Your thirty mentions on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook truly brought smiles to our faces. For our patients and staff members that donated their own hard earned money to helping children, we send a heartfelt thank you. The organization behind Red Nose Day has pledged to give at least 90% of the money to various charities committed to helping poverty stricken children. The positive imprint this organization is making for children across the world is in part thanks to all of you who took a few seconds out of your day to leave a lifetime of good in a small child’s heart.

Making a Difference

All our efforts together will create smiles around the world, and if you want to know more about how we are all helping, check out You’ll see that 50% of the money is dedicated to helping American children. Comic Relief organizes Red Nose Day to help other non-profits like Children’s Health Fund, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Save the Children. International aid accounts for the other 50% with those efforts focusing on reducing violence towards and exploitation of children. Funding also provides education and healthcare. Your red nose photos and hashtags contributed to sending five Nepalese children to school for an entire year, or for providing water for five kids in Mozambique. If you missed Red Nose Day, but want to help make a significant impact towards ending poverty, you can still donate at their website. Creating Smiles Dental is committed to your dental care and bringing smiles to children around the world.

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